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Missing File: Files\registry_backup_tool\Files\Backup_Failed_Message.exe
Missing File: Files\registry_backup_tool\Files\vss_pause.exe
Missing File: Files\registry_backup_tool\Files\vss_start.exe
Missing File: Files\registry_backup_tool\pcwintech_tasksch.dll
Missing File: Files\tweaking_ras.exe
Missing File: Files\tweaking_rati.exe
Missing File: pcwintech_tasksch.dll

Running version 4.8.0 on Win10 64.
Files 886/886

Not able to use the program. However, I can use the tool  Clean Memory by selecting the icon in tray. Just cannot start the Open Windows Repair program without getting the above errors. I'm already uninstalled twice and ran ccleaner to check registry etc.

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