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General Computer Support / Changing the Windows 7 Welcome Screen
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:04:20 pm »
OS is Windows 7 Ultimate.

I've gone through the process of trying to change the image of my logon screen to an image of my choice.
The registry, System 32,gpedit.msc. Done everything properly. I learnt how by watching Youtube instruction channels.
All the instructions were to change the welcome logon image.
Having followed all the instructions I end up with my logoff/switch off screen changing from the Microsoft default screen
to the jpg image of my choice.
The logon/welcome screen turns first black and then changes to white before changing once again to my
windows theme choices. Black /white seems to be some lingering setting from somewhere that needs switching off.
The image I want to use has been placed in the system32\info\backgrounds folder. It's called backgroundDefault.jpg and it's
under 250kb in size.
What have I missed?

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