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Yay! xD The irony, right!?! The friend that helped me was laughing really hard at this when I showed him my post/username on this forum.

Side note though, since Bill just got divorced.. maybe... Microsoft again? Unlikely, but that possibility sure sounds fun.

Haha, indeed, that's the one of the very first things I tried as it was recommended on everywhere I went to. I had to try so many things before I got to the right method.

I've troubleshooted way too much in the past 2 weeks, I can actually recall the permissions of 90% of my entire C drive!

After (another) 24 hours of searching around on Forums, calling my irl friend again and again, and messing with my computer and especially command prompt, I've finally got the Microsoft Store and its Apps to work properly. I don't know if any other problem might arise in the future, but for now all my permissions and my entire computer is completely fixed. Plus, I've gained a ton of knowledge about some areas in Windows - which is the only good thing about this dreadful week!

Thanks to Tweaking Repair for fixing my initial permission errors! I'm finally free of this mess.

Yes, I did them sometime ago and both of them find no errors (No integrity violations etc.). Before trying any System Restore, I'll try giving permissions to "Users" in the WindowsApps folder. Because everything that doesn't work comes from there. The security tab for that folder even displays a prompt just for the Users section: "The access point is corrupted. Delete it and create a new one." It should work after only giving the Users correct permissions, I'll let you know!

Thank you for your responses once again.

More apps are not working. Yikes! I might just have to use the restore point but I'm still looking for more solutions first.

I have two Restore Points that I can revert back to, but the problem is it will just bring back my previous registry and permission problems (which is why I used Tweaking in the first place) and they are much more troublesome than the current ones. It seems that the only problems I'm having now are with Windows/Store Apps, so do you know a way to specifically change their permissions?

Thank you for your response!

Edit: I'll check Safe Mode in a few.

First of all, big thanks to Tweaking. I messed up my permissions and for 2 weeks I've been having all sorts of problems and trying to revert the changes. Nothing worked and I had to bother so many people.

Tweaking solved everything but it just created one problem: Whenever I try to open any .png/.jpeg or any image file, no matter if it's located on C, D or E, it shows me the following error:

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them.

Edit: I noticed that Microsoft Store and all Microsoft apps (like Calculator, Xbox Companion etc) also have stopped working.

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? It's obviously a permission thing that I have to change somewhere!

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