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Thank you so much for all and any help I will read that removing virtual adapters asap.

Hello, I am currently unable to reinstall Windows without a bunch of pre-installed software, not blower, but things that seem to be auto syncing and pre-filled proxy and DNS resolution. In addition to that, I cannot do a clean install. I've tried about 50 times every time it gets overwritten and when I download an ISO from the internet it says that this file has been modified by another computer. It has been blocked for your safety. I believe that the whim file is heavily modified and has many packages installed in a custom OS. No virus scanners and I've tried them all. Can pick up these changes. I've tried restore them and repair image to no avail. It seems like I'm being actively synced to some kind of directory either through OneDrive which I have disabled or some other hidden program. I found many artifacts that point to multiple servers and XML documents as well as the default user that is hidden has a bunch of programs used for remote access. I'm at a loss at what to do. This has been going on for years  I found and bought windows repair from and I ran it in safe mode several times, but there are still some errors that cannot be fixed, such as the default firewall rules I believe are just bound to a WIM file and since it is corrupt, I don't know if it has effectively been cleaned. Every time I run the program it has errors such as disprotected cannot write or something to that effect. That repair was not totally completed mostly and concerned about repairing the WIM file so I can reinstall     Please help me and if I need to do something or make a log or download a program I will. Thank you so much for hearing me out.

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