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As the title indicates, when I click on computer help with either FF12 or MSIE 9 a brief ad comes up then nothing happens -in other words, Computer Help does not work for me so I hope my post here will be accepted. I had posted this previously and thought you would like to know it still does not work for me. At that time I sent you two prntscrns, as requested.

My question is, why can I not get Firefox to work in the "import from another browser" area of favorites.
I have to use the HTML choice. It used to work a long time ago but I cnnot find out why I no longer can use that .
Thank you

General Computer Support / computer help
« on: May 10, 2012, 01:00:46 PM »
When i try to click on "Computer Help", the Xerox ad overwhelms my machine. I notice that there are posts in "Computer Help" so there must be a way to do so.
Am I doing something wrong?
I wait the ads out but I never see an opportunity to post about "Computer problems" .
Thank you

Everything Else / C:\Windows\System32\config
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:25:21 AM »
I was reading an article that said this subject exists in Win 7 .
I am not a tech but the people writing the article seemed to know what they are doing and expressed some comcern about this insertion by MS.
Is this something to be concernd about or is it just an integral part of the os?
Thank you

General Computer Support / erunt gui
« on: April 27, 2012, 03:03:56 PM »
I've studied everything you can find but am having trouble getting started. Once it went to a folder I performed a system restore to escape.
If someone has time and interest I'd appreciate some help but understand this is not really trouble solving.
I click on ERUNT GUI 1.5 and download it to desktop. There I can either open it or extract the contents.
My problem is that it wants to go to C:\, users, us which everything seems to want to do -i don't know if it is a default folder.
When I see the tutorials it seems that Windows is the folder for ERDNT and I thought ERUNT too. For the traditional ERUNT I would need ERDNT for recovery and an ERUNT folder for back up. With the new program I don't think I need either.
Can I make a folder on desktop and extract or open to that folder?
From there I think I click on set up - correct? This grphic interface is suppose to be for non advanced users like me but it seems there is more than one way to get it done.
If you have a moment pplease fill in the blanks as I would love to have the program installed for a 7 day backup which can be done within the program...

General Computer Support / MzRegistry backup
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:04:37 PM »
I hope I copied the link properly. Has anyone had any experience with this program. I am looking for simplicty but reliabiity for Win 7 x64.
Maybe a weekly backup and before uninstaling programs etc. ,would be peace of mind if it is reliable.
Thank you

General Computer Support / moderator
« on: April 16, 2012, 01:17:41 PM »
As you requested I ran all of the tests in MG that Tin outlined but still have two issues.
Win 7,64 bit,i5,6GB,msie 9, Dell Inspiron 15 R, N5010

1-cannot 'repair' either with F8 or the os disc
2-cannot create repair disc>start,security,backup my computer, "create rescue disc"

My desktop xps 8300 Dell is almost identical and both functions wok.
Until recently the laptop functions worked also.

Have run MBAM, MSE, SFC, DSKCHK, system restore.
I was told this may be OEM internal BIOS problem but I am not techy so do not know and am seeking help here.
Thank you for both your time and the test.

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