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51 Support & Help / Improvements for WindowsRepair
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:44:12 pm »
1. Perhaps you could lock the moving arrow as soon as the user hits "Start"" and unlock the moving arrow as soon as the program has finished its repair jobs ?
2. I selected Basic Mode and hit ""Start"". Then as WR started working then a number of what I would call MS-DOS windows (cmd.exe) opened. After having finished these windows also closed again. Is this supposed to happen ? Is this normal ?
3. IE 8 was running when I ran WR (Basic mode). After I finished WR, suddenly at the top of the screen a message appeared that asked/recommended that I should set the, what I would call the internet security level back to normal (average ?). It seems that WR resets the security level down to the lowest level possible. Perhaps WR could remember the previous security level and restore it back to that level. Or did I do something wrong because I didn't restart my laptop inmediately ?

Perhaps these remarks could lead to an improved WR v1.4.x or WR v1.5.0 ? No need to rush it with a new version.

I use XP SP 3 with all the latest updates.

Everything Else / Advertisement
« on: October 12, 2011, 04:33:44 am »
Made an advertisement for this website on the Piriform forum.

Hopefully that will increase traffic for this website.

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