Author Topic: Microsoft Launches Updated Feature Guide for Windows 7  (Read 4750 times)

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Re: Microsoft Launches Updated Feature Guide for Windows 7
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2014, 12:51:23 pm »
Windows 7 has the most market share than any other Windows OS and is still supported for a while, so good to see they are staying on top of it :-)

I am really curious how Windows 9 is going to be, I hear they are going to make it to win over XP users. Have to wait and see :-)

Windows 8 is there grab at getting app store money like apple and google enjoy. The dollar signs got in their line of site and they missed a lot of important things, such as you dont go changes things so much and so fast on users. So now they are slowly changing 8 to try and bring the UI to better terms but when they do that they still have 1 rule they follow. Make sure people use the app store.

So it may never go back to the way it was, in fact I doubt it ever will. But hopfully they can find a middle ground where the app store is what they want while people are use to being able to get around.

See what happens when you make choices for profit only? You shoot yourself in the foot.