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Internet Explorer
« on: February 21, 2012, 09:27:16 AM »
Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for fixing my computer. I had to use the advanced action to finish it off, but everything is stable now.
The basic problem was that my IE got mugged, and if that goes down you can get no help from Microsoft. I saw one message come up to say McAfee was intercepting/blocking my internet connection. As I don't have McAfee installed I couldn't see how that was the case. After each successive restart in safe mode the problem got worse. I was all set to reinstall my Windows 7 when I came across the latest PC Pro disk with your Windows Repair update on it.
I had already scanned for viruses, ran tdss.killer, and gone back to an earlier setting. The latter ruled out my original thoughts that it was the latest round of updates. So your program was a doddle to use and it worked a treat (...donation at the end of the month).
I just wondered whether there is a rogue McAfee program going about. BT use Norton, but I have seen it on some incoming stuff. Has anyone had something similar?