Author Topic: (Solved) Problem with Word after Windows Repair (All In One)  (Read 20182 times)

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Re: (Solved) Problem with Word after Windows Repair (All In One)
« Reply #25 on: December 13, 2014, 07:18:31 am »
Okay, I understand. As far as I gather now, some Word files seem to have been corrupted as well by whatever did the overall corruption in the first place. That resulted in these errors in the dictionary templates after doing Windows Repair. Like I said, I got this fixed for 90% and that's fine for now. In a while I might re-install Office. I think that will solve that. Right now I'm TOTALLY DONE with spending my valuable time on the pc! :-D

The pc is still doing great. This week I had the pc checked by the head of the tech dept. of my pc store and he said it was 100% ok! Isn't that wonderful?! I'm so proud! And now that I know that these event logs mean nothing (I find that pretty weird, but okay), I can finally say I FIXED THE PC!! With the help of a few very nice people and Windows Repair!

Again, I'm VERY thankful for this program, Shane. You're the best!

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