Author Topic: Malwarebytes advertising GUI and bad programing!  (Read 18503 times)

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Re: Malwarebytes advertising GUI and bad programing!
« Reply #25 on: June 28, 2015, 04:58:46 PM »
hi there

my Mbam 14 trial was expired 2 day ago and the stupid new version nag my all the day when it pop-ups Annoyingly ! :angry:
Means you gotta buy it or deal with the free version.

but I’m now with free version and there is no Mbam icon in the start-up and Suddenly it pop up every 30 min or so ? so the free version it should not Launch itself in start-up Every couple of time ! so it nag my onle for doing an database update and then want to go to scanning the pc ?
and Mbam icon is Still remain in the Startup and/mbam software is back to running in Startup even with free version !? so I had every time to right-click on Mbam icon in Startup to exit of the program ! this make my mad and I don’t buy for crapy ad GUI and This one is enough reason to think to uninstall this nonsense !
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