Author Topic: Why 4 drivers are shown in this link. Which driver to use  (Read 4989 times)

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Why 4 drivers are shown in this link. Which driver to use
« on: August 17, 2015, 02:51:41 am »
                             The drivers and other softwares including OS has been installed by the service man. I went to the device manager to have the copy of the drivers that is found in the device manager to some of the devices, in case any problem arise. I noted the contents of intel drivers in my ide ata atapi controllers, which included intel drivers that are available at present.
                                      Now to download the same, i googled it , and it showed a link, a genuine link , i suppose,. But it has four drivers shown as applicable to xp 32 bit, which was my first OS when i bought it . Which should be chosen . All the 4 has same version and some kbs differences in between them.
                                              Please give the me correct link to save the drivers for my system, so that if any failure occurs, i could install it when reinstalling.
                                                  Pl advise. Likewise, for audio it shows some intel drivers, which i do not have now. The old drivers would not install )the original one that came with the system when i bought it The download link
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