Author Topic: Win 10 Cumulative update 1151 -- what a nightmare!!! SAVED BY TWEAKING.COM  (Read 2866 times)

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This Windows 10 update is  horrible: I don't know what it is supposed to fix but whatever it is, the destruction it did to my laptop was horrendous!
Shame on you Microsoft!
After this update auto-installed, the laptop took 90 minutes to restart, all the time displaying the circle of dots I have grown to HATE!
I eventually managed to roll-back the update to a previous installation and everything was fine... until the damned update auto-installed again.
No work-arounds, nothing. Thanks a bunch Microsoft. Back to 90 minutes to start/restart.
Eventually by trawling the net (on another PC while the dot circle was going round and round on my laptop!)  I found the toolbox at
I downloaded this and ran it -- and now I have a working laptop again, with no thanks at all to Microsoft and the Windows 10 people whose knowledge base and 'helpful' articles are anything but.
Thanks Tweaking! BRILLIANT.

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There's a new update which may have fixed the varied problems people experienced with KB3140743 which included BSODs.

This one - KB3140768 released today takes the build to 10586.164