Author Topic: This could be something great.  (Read 7307 times)

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This could be something great.
« on: November 25, 2011, 02:41:29 pm »
 I was just glancing over some of the other posts and what Shane said about this growing into something big. I couldn't agree more!
 All it takes is like-minded people to start massing together and - BOOM!- something's going on!
 As for me, let me say I have a passion for computers. Not just the typical; "Dude, I gotta facebook!! Dude, I gotta tweet! Dude, I gotta get on social networks!!!" That shit's irritating to the point of homicide.
 EVERYONE these days have their damn faces in their cell phones texting away, texting away, that's all that matters,my cell phone, the center of my existence- facebook-Texting!!!! Holy shit people step back a minute! The other day I was at my buddy's house and when he went to the bathroom (yes, we were pounding the beer!!) I simply put his cell phone in another location (it's a wonder he left it!) and when he came back the first thing he did was look for his phone and when he didn't see it- we're talking full-on panic attack!
 After "F'ing " with him pretending I didn't know where it was, I realized just how far gone people are these days. How times change!
 In case you haven't guessed by now, I don't have a cell phone and will continue to hold out as long as possible. I'm about the only one I know of who doesn't have one yet (by the way, good luck with the brain tumors from those things).
  So anyway, my interest in computers lies in how they work,WHY they work,and how they're quickly becoming lifeforms! I've been an avid reader of Maximum PC, right after they changed to that name from Boot. I'm like those old-school hot rodders with their muscle cars: always Tweaking, always fiddling, always wanting a fast, sleek, pure- horse-power, muscle machine!
And in order to do that you have get into your machine and know what makes it tick- so you can make it better, so it follows your every whim with lightning speed. WHY??? Just to say you can and be satisfied that you did it yourself... and of course to play video games!! come on! what else would you do all that for?! Right , not much else except what to do when your beast starts acting weird.
 That's how I see it.
 Of course, if you want the latest, greatest,Star-Trek-like technology, you have to fork over the money. Some of us don't have that option, so you take what you have and max it out as far as possible, make it the best it could be. If you want your machine to last as long as possible as well, I wouldn't recommend over-clocking. Tempting-oh, my god!-tempting! More power! More dammit!
 I lost a pretty good rig back in 2004 because I was overclocking it:
 I tossed in more memory sticks, a new graphics card, was able to tweak any thing and everything that you could, including stipping it down to bare essentials...and then I was able to get ahold of Power Strip to overclock the graphics card... it was awesome playing NeverWinter Nights! But I wanted more power, more speed and pushed it as far as it could go- then there was a funny noise- a wisp of smoke and the unmistakable smell of something burnt-I call it brimstone-and somehow, my brand new monitor hissed at me and wet down in flames as well.
 All I can say is that was funny and shocking at the same time and yet, that thrill of feeling crazy: "Let's do that again!" If I the money to toss around I would have! :evil:

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Re: This could be something great.
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2012, 12:19:17 pm »

Yes indeed.