Author Topic: Just Wanted To Say Thanx To Tweaking !!  (Read 2627 times)

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Just Wanted To Say Thanx To Tweaking !!
« on: July 22, 2016, 12:56:47 PM »
My PC was a mess & I had been walking around your software for a while before I actually used it. To be honest it just looked like one of those things that shine on the outside & are God knows what on the inside. I was wrong;it worked like a champ. Fixed everything & some stuff I didn't even remember I had. I would advise strongly to anyone who uses it to read your instructions to the letter. If a computer is not up to your software then they may need to get some other things fixed first. I also shut down everything that could possibly get in it's way. No virus protection,firewalls, malware...nothing. I gave it total freedom so it would not get hung up. Anyway ThankYou again & I will recommend Windows Repair to everyone I know. There have been a rash of problems with Win10 where there seem to be a million solutions but not one of them seems to work. Well Yours did Big Time !!!. Keep up the great work. Peace to you all. 
                           Sean Reid