Author Topic: back up to pc as was before like system restore  (Read 5228 times)

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back up to pc as was before like system restore
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:54:14 am »
I run Windows 10 Pro 64 byte.
I like to try new programs and investigate.
I am not proficient enough to run sandboxie or rollbackrx.

I think your program is something I could handle.
Instead of using the lengthy system restore, if I tried a program and did not like it, could I take a snapshot before, then restore to it after if I removed the app I did not like. Will registry restore bring my PC back to where it was or is something still left where I investigated or tried and removed?
I think in terms of Venn diagrams, system restore would be larger than the reg backup. Am I correct so is this the tool I should use for the purposes stated?
Thank you