Author Topic: Advice on using thunderbird mail client  (Read 2747 times)

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Advice on using thunderbird mail client
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:09:04 pm »
Hi, I am having avast free, which is having quite no of checks including av, mail etc. I enabled all the settings in my avast settings to scan and certify the emails  as containing no virus with their symbol. Even after enabling those, i could not see anything in the messages i sent or received.
                     On contacting them, they say it would work only on mail client and not on webmail such as yahoo or gmail.Then i knew the difference and i do not want to use outlook as it swallows all the mails stored in mail.
                       I would ask whether thunderbird is an alternative client, which i can use to send and receive the gmail. I had not tried it so far, as i thought that it is also  like gmail.
                       I also heard that you could view the contents of email offline in thunderbird.
                       Would you please advise me, whether i could download thunderbird and how to have the gmails not swallowed, but could be managed with thunderbird, so that i could eable avast email scan settings to enable to scan for virus and certify.
                        I used outlook and now i never use it . Please say about thunderbird and mail storage without loosing my mails in webmail gmail or yahoo.
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