Author Topic: could you suggest a widget that captures the cell id information in address  (Read 5381 times)

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Hi, This is automatic feature in nokia older phones. Whereever you go, it will show the address of the cell tower connected to your phone with the service provider. I now bought j2 pro samsung galaxy. i have cell broadcast on in the settings, but it gives a message of the address , as one sms on reboot . It does not show, it in home screen as i used to get.
                          Is there a widget that could do that. Normally, apps from play google shows the id, and all the other particulars but not the address , which is the tower information. Location tab gives you, the place where you are and not the cell tower address.
                                 Luckily i have cell broadcast settings in my message settings menu. Why only sms , instead of showing it always. Is there any restrictions.
                                 Will i get the other tower signals when i move on as another sms . If there is a widget, pl let me know
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