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USB stick and HD storage and protection
« on: July 09, 2017, 09:29:24 AM »
Hello again,

I'm thinking about buying a pretty large USB stick (128 or 256 Gb) and an external HD to use as an archive for older administration and personal files. Searched the net for a long time and got a bit lost. There's so much out there. Could anyone help me out? I'm not interested in speed but in durability and reliability. My most important question concerns privacy. What is better: a USB stick/HD with software for password and encryption included or a plain one on which I can put protection software? There are much more plain ones to choose from. I read that Rohos Mini Drive is freeware protection software. Is that any good?

And can someone explain to me the difference between hardware and software encryption? I read this but I didn't understand it:

For password protected ones I picked the Sandisk and the WD:

The HD is also supposed to travel with me and my laptop, as a general backup, that's why I chose the 2 Tb.

What do you think?


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