Author Topic: BullGuard uses Windows Firewall now  (Read 11057 times)

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BullGuard uses Windows Firewall now
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:31:04 am »
Hello everyone,

Just to inform anybody who is using BullGuard Internet Security program: they have changed their firewall and it is now only a layer on top of Windows firewall. That explains why you cannot turn off the Windows Firewall when you notice it is running again (which I had). Or you might get a warning from Windows firewall while you thought you had it turned off.

Here's the whole discussion:

It is still unsure whether this "double" firewall could create conflicting issues. I'm trying to find out whether this could be the cause of intermittent slowness I'm experiencing once again. I am in contact with MBAM about this and will keep you posted. To make matters more insecure: BG will be releasing an upgrade soon, so we have to see how their firewall will be configured then. Some people say they are being duped as they are only getting an extra layer on top of their built-in firewall while they were promised a "potent firewall". I can see that, but I think BG had no choice as they seemingly had issues with the old configuration. And the upgrade might show a new BG-only firewall again.

This is as far as I understood the above-mentioned thread. I'm not an IT person and didn't understand all that was said there, so don't shoot me.  :cheesy:

Hope to have been of help.

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