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which is best for me?
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:45:56 am »
greetings! I read about this site on Major Geeks and would like to use one of your programs. however, I am not tech savvy and need some guidance on whats best to install and easiest to use for a newb like me. I have an hp elitebook running win 7 pro 64bit.
I want to optimize performance, increase boot speed, uninstall unneeded hp bloatware and windows bloatware programs, update my bios firmware(tried but ran into a problem right away), keep my internet browsing safe from possible network spies/ intruders(i have only a WiFi connection, no hard connect possible at this time) remove old files, dup files and dup music( i have triple and quadruple of some of the songs!!) I also want to  be able to install programs like iTunes adobe office 365  and a vpn/proxy with out errors or only partial installs occurring... and I want to increase my bandwidth for faster surfing and downloading.
Lastly, whatever you folks recommend needs to be the free version, at least for now. Easy to use and understand would also be great.
please advise! i need your wisdom!