Author Topic: windows 10 update has corrupted os, error code is memory management - help!  (Read 839 times)

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Hello everyone,,
for the 4th time in less than a month, my computer is down, this time perhaps for the count.  microsoft solved the first instance, files and docs were preserved, i solved the 2nd and 3rd times with win 10 repair disc, then windows 10 repair drive, but now, after 4 hours on the phone with dell, it appears i may have to use the disc they are sending me to reinstall the os without being able to rescue my files and docs.  the external hard drive i ordered for system image purposes will arrive, too late, tomorrow (ordered 12 hours before this latest problem).
the computer will not boot.  bsod, error code is memory management, and this after i upgraded to windows 10 pro to exert control over when updates were installed (i set it for 45 days AFTER issue of an update, but...).
any advice would be appreciated.  will the tweaking (pro) tool help to solve my problem at this point?  and if so, how?
thanks -

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Don't rush to factory reset this machine - wait until you receive the external HDD.

You haven't said what you are using to post with but if you have access to another machine you can create an Ubuntu disk to boot up with and copy your files onto the ext. HDD.

This article will walk you through that -

Are you able to boot up with the Win 10 repair disk to access the advanced boot options to check if you have any restore points you can try ?

If the machine will boot to the Windows logo, power shut down when you see that and do that another twice, leaving it to boot on the third go.

This will take you to diagnosing your pc which will probably tell you it can't fix it.

Click on Advanced which will then take you to the advanced boot options to select Troubleshoot/Advanced Options.

Whichever way you can get into the advanced boot options if you can, you can also select Reset which will reinstall Win 10 where you have the option to retain your personal stuff but will lose all installed 3rd party programs.

You can also select Command Prompt to enter these cmds -

bcdedit |find "osdevice"

For clarity that is a Pipe symbol before find and is the uppercase of \

This will give you a partition letter which may not always be C:

Then enter using your partition letter instead of the x I have exampled this cmd -

chkdsk x: /f

Hopefully this may repair your file structure so it will boot normally, but look to see if it reports any KBs in bad sectors.

If it does then redo the chkdsk cmd using /r instead of /f

This will relocate what files it can to good sectors and give you some respite to create a system image to restore a new HDD with.

Should it be a memory module problem and you have more than one module fitted, you could try booting with just one of them at a time.

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