Author Topic: Can't Install or Run Programs (EXEs) From ANY External Drive  (Read 846 times)

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Hello everyone,,
I have a very strange issue.  I just upgraded to the newest release of Windows 10 (Redstone), and now, I can't run anything off my external hard drive.  I believe it has something to do with UAC, because after I disabled it, I could run the software from my external, however, none of the built in Microsoft apps would run, as Windows thought I was using the built-in Administrator account (this would only happen with UAC disabled). With UAC enabled, I would get an access denied error.  So, I'm at the point where I have to choose between the built in Microsoft apps or the ability to run installers form my external hard drive, however I shouldn't have to choose.  I Should be able to access everything on my PC, without any issues.  I've already tried playing with the drive permissions, to no avail.  Does anyone have any other ideas on how to remedy this?

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Re: Can't Install or Run Programs (EXEs) From ANY External Drive
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 02:10:10 AM »
1903 has had a number bugs reported but I haven't seen any relating to this.

There was a problem in updating with external drives attached because of it changing drive letters, but that has been resolved.

If the update was within 10 days then you may be able to roll back, but I would contact Microsoft Support and take it up with them.