Author Topic: How do I recover my Windows 10 Onenote pages that suddenly vanished?  (Read 318 times)

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A few days ago, after running Tweaking's Windows 10 Repair app on Windows 11 desktop, ALL OF MY WINDOWS 10 ONENOTE PAGES WERE GONE. I did not use Onedrive, or sync Onenote to it or any other device. I also had not turned on the Windows 11 File History backup, since I was using a third party backup incrementally. Onenote will open with the name of my Noteboot but totally empty of all my pages, data and notes. There are no Onenote backups with any of my saved information. One backup exists dated a year ago, which would help, but all it has is the current information, with none of my pages, notes, etc. There's also nothing in the current Onenote history or its recycle bin. I've done several deep scan recoveries of my desktop and it brings up nothing. When I go to Windows online it only has the same thing that's on my desktop.  I went to to see if I could get help, since my data went missing after I ran their Windows 10 repair app. But they have no forum or support page. Only a Google based search engine, which I'd already used to no avail. Any idea how I can recover my lost data?

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Re: How do I recover my Windows 10 Onenote pages that suddenly vanished?
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2022, 03:29:55 AM »
The latest version of Windows Repair is Win 11 compatible so I'm not sure why you lost your files.

Have you tried your restore points to see that fixes it, although a restore point doesn't normally affect files but it may restore what caused them to be lost.

What was the reason you ran Windows Repair ?

I've noticed that you have been reported for Spamming and Brute Force attacks so I hope this was a genuine query.