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Missing reg files...
« on: February 26, 2022, 01:31:17 PM »
Up until yesterday, I've used Tweaking many times with no issues.  But when I tried again, it told me this...

Files are missing or corrupt!  Please reinstall the program to make sure all files are present and correct.  Make sure your Antivirus isn't removing or changing any of the files.
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\AFD.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\appidsvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\AudioEndpointBuilder.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Audiosrv.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\BFE.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\BITS.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Browser.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Connections.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\CryptSvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\DcomLaunch.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Dhcp.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Dnscache.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\DPS.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\EventSystem.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\hidserv.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\iphlpsvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\lmhosts.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\MpsSvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\msiserver.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\NetBT.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Netlogon.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\nsi.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\NTDS.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\PlugPlay.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\PolicyAgent.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\RpcSs.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\SafeBoot.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Schedule.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\SharedAccess.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\ShellHWDetection.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Spooler.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\sppsvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\StringCacheSettings.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\swprv.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\tdx.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\uac.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Unmarshalers.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\vds.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\VSS.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\wbengine.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\WinDefend.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\WinHttpAutoProxySvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Winmgmt.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\Winsock.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\WinSock2.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\wscsvc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\11_2009\wuauserv.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\bat.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\cmd.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\com.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\dir.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\drive.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\exe.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\folder.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\inf.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\lnk.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\msc.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\reg.reg
Missing File: Files\regfiles\file_associations\11\scr.reg
MD4 Hash Doesn't Match: Repair_Windows.exe
    (Expected MD4:  B014EBA0055A5A5C0743703836860F5E)
    (Returned MD4:  EA127FA84DD3FCC7A2514943048FE2A9)

Very sorry if I'm not supposed to show all this but I need someone to tell me how to fix this.  Although everything seems to work as is, I can't run Tweaking til it is.

Thank you for any/all help.

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Re: Missing reg files...
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2022, 02:25:13 AM »
Sorry for the late rely - I've just seen your post.

Which AFD product do you have installed ?

You will need to reinstall it to resolve the corruption.

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Re: Missing reg files...
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2022, 10:44:11 AM »
No worries for the delay.  As far as I can tell, not having these isn't affecting what I do on my comp. 
I'm sorry Boggin but I don't know what product I have.  I did a search for it on my comp but nothing came up.
Are you saying I should DL the AFD 3.1 to repair this?  Is this the "program" it tells me I need to reinstall?
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Re: Missing reg files...
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2022, 01:04:34 AM »
It could be if you already have something similar installed.

I haven't been able to find a lot on AFD.