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My computer is not working well. I have a 5 year old Dell Desktop running Win 10 64 bit. It says I cannot run Win 11 because my chip cannot handle it. I tried to use the tweaking. I had used it once before a bout 6 months ago and it helped. I ran it yesterday and today and I keep getting this error message- Missing File: Files\registry_backup_tool\Codejock.Controls.Unicode.v19.3.0.ocx   I don't know what it is or how to fix it. Also, when I got my computer they did not send a disc for Win if I had to fix it. I had 4 years worth of Dell help but it's expired. Help please. I use my computer to watch TV etc. I am a disabled senior. Thank you

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Reinstalling Windows Repair should resolve that error message.

You can download a Win 10 ISO from -

If you save the download you can use Imgburn to create a bootable disk -

Hope this helps.
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