Author Topic: kmode exception not handled -- looping -- unable to resolve  (Read 57 times)

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System Configuration data: Asus ProArt Z690 Creator WiFi; Asus RTX 3080; Be quiet Dark Power Pro 12 (1200w); Trident Z5 DDR5-5600 16GBx4; Intel i9-12900KF; Asus Ryujin II AIO cooler; Sabrent NVMe M.2 Rocket 4.0 2TB drive (os); Corsair NVMe M.2 Gen3x4 8TB drive (user); Win11Pro (note: os and os-user files were originally installed on two different drives (per Kari's tutorial) for reasons related to the content creation purpose for this computer). There are additional drives on this computer but it seems unnecessary to mention them as they are unlikely to be germane to the current problem.

I have been working with my newly (and finally) built DAVW (re)installing the plethora of content related programs, vsts, samples, etc. after having stress tested it for several days initially. Everything was running just fine until sometime overnight last Thursday. I left the computer busy downloading another installment of needed programs only to return to find the download apps were running but nothing whatever was actually downloading. Yet, I had internet connectivity and was able to download several small files and transfer files to/from the NAS. I decided a reboot was in order and closed everything and attempted to do so. Then I got the dreaded kmode error. No specific file mentioned Worse, it is looping such that I simply cannot actually get to Windows at all, not even safe mode works. I can get a command prompt window via the automatic repair functions. I do not have any reason to believe there are any hardware issues causing the problem and I can access the UEFI.

I extensively researched this via the internet (or, at least, attempted to do so). Most write-ups suggest this is a very easy problem to solve but they seem to assume that one can get to a working version of Windows. That doesn't apply here since I seem to be looping through the error-diagnosis-automated repair without being able to start Windows itself. I can only access the command prompt window and, of all the various 'sure-fire' fixes offered, none of them works as specified. I'm not an inexperienced but neither am I an expert so my ability to navigate and execute programs through the command prompt is a bit dodgy. If I am reading things right, the worst case scenario is having to reinstall the OS (I purchased a copy for this box so I have the original USB from MS) but I DO NOT want to lose the six weeks of downloading/installing (and I'm only about 25% into the reinstall of music/video apps) if I can possibly help it. Worse, I don't know if a 'safe' (read: nondestructive) OS reinstall can be done with the divided os/user drives configuration I prefer.

I am hoping there are a simple set of command prompt instructions that can be implemented so I can get Windows working and proceed to the discovery of what caused the problem in the first place. If someone can point me to know working solutions to this problem and/or walk me through them, I would appreciate it.
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