Author Topic: "BitLocker Application Not Found" After Running Repairs  (Read 31 times)

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"BitLocker Application Not Found" After Running Repairs
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:46:18 PM »
Hi all,

I've used the repair tool several times to save my system but this time after running and restarting, I can no longer double-click to unlock a drive. I have to go manually into manage bitlocker and unlock it from there. Otherwise it gives the error in the title. Any ideas why?

Meanwhile my main issue is that explorer crashes randomly, black screen comes, nothing shows, everything disappears except running program windows. No taskbar. Shortcut keys for task manager only work and only work once, but task manager never actually loads, it crashes immediately before even rendering list of apps. Only windows that open are if I use an app and try to set location of something or try to open a file (except in a browser, that crashes the browser). I have posted in various forums, reddit, etc. no solutions yet and I seem to be the only one who is having these issues. I have not messed with the system as I used to way back in the day, because I wanted to avoid all of this and yet this has happened. In addition, Spotlight also has broken itself. That's how I got back to the repair tool, but that is causing the bitlocker issue.

Series of frustrating events.


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Re: "BitLocker Application Not Found" After Running Repairs
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:50:44 AM »
Can you boot up into Safe Mode with Networking, open Windows Repair - go to Backup Tools and use the Registry Restore option.

Click on the Registry Restore tab and use the dropdown to select the back up then click on Restore Now.

Boot back into Safe Mode with Networking and download and create a Kaspersky Rescue disk.

You will need to change the boot order to boot up with this disk and while your system boots up, it may be prudent to run it to check that you are infection free.

The scan can take a while to complete.

It can also correct Windows anomalies.

You will need to be connected to the Internet when you run this disk as it needs to update its Definitions.

Does Explorer still crash in Safe Mode ?

Black screening is usually indicative of memory problems but given that an open program will still run would eliminate that as a cause this time, but doing a memory diagnostic check wouldn't harm anyway.

Do I assume you are running Win 10 ?

After restoring the registry I would normally advise a repair install but that could be problematic if Explorer is crashing.

Depending upon which version of Windows you are running, the next best thing if running Win 10 would be to back up your personal stuff onto external media and then boot up to the advanced boot options and use the Reset option that retains your personal stuff but will remove any 3rd party programs you have installed.