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Very Good Tips kk159 thank you!

Yes Thanks Boggin, it makes sense that loading it in here [main business reliable computer] might be a cluster bomb of eff's
I'll go check the chkdsk

I also double checked and I had only been running the /f command so I am running /r now and yes it is creeping along.

Thanks Boggin I'll try that didn't see any bad sectors in the 1st paragraph..

I also click the mouse in the cmd window and got it to freeze till I hit back space but still
the last sentence hits the screen and it closes I'll try /f now...

so as far as I can tell no major issues there.

too fast ...

Funny you should mention that yes I put the wrong drive letter in earlier this am just ran it now
and got the results but they jump off the screen so fast I can't read them :-)

I would but he sent this over from Oregon....

Would it be wise to put it into my tower [5 HDD] and make it the boot drive to test it?

Thank you Boggin!

Yes it shows up with a drive letter I tried chkdsk x: /r and got no results.

I'm guessing I need to make and image of the disc , then format and reinstall win 7 on it for my friend...

Does that sound about right and who's imaging software do you guys like?

Hello ALL! I have been using this tool for eons it seems and it really does wonders...

So I am on Win 10 and have tried a number of ways to get my friends HDD to run AIO as an external drive.

It's a 3.5 running win 7 So just short of swapping out one of my HDD and changing the boot menu I am looking to fix it with AIO externally.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I am sure this has been discussed in here before but as the newest guy I'm not sure of how to get this issue to come up as a search result.

Thanks much for taking the time to look and offer suggestions.

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