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1 - Windows Repair v3.9.0 Released at

The Repair Windows 8/10 App Store has been re-enabled for Windows 10! In the May 2016 update to Windows 10 Microsoft finally fixed the 7 month old bug where calling the powershell commands to install the apps would break a large portion of them. Now that this has been fixed I have enabled the repair for Windows 10 again. The minimum build number Windows 10 must have for the repair to work is 10586.318 or higher, anything lower and the program will skip the repair.

Updated the repair list to have the current version of windows in top of the list. While this doesn't change any repairs it is more for information on what version of Windows the program is currently on so the user can see it. In this case needing to know what current build Windows 10 is, this can be helpful.

Updated default permissions for Windows 7,8 & 10 with all updates as of May 16, 2016.

Updated Codejock Controls to v17.2.0

Large amount of code changes and updates.

Feedback / Windows Repair now on
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:42:35 AM »
If you like us please rate and review us there, it would be helpful to get attention on a website of that size.

Thank you in advance for the support.

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