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I went to disable my network in order to install a driver without interference from Windows update, but I was shocked to find a ton of them listed. I tried to uninstall them all, but they keep coming back. I also did a reset of all network adapters. This is on Windows 11 and I'm losing my mind here.


2 Support & Help / Re: networking
« on: April 27, 2023, 08:18:38 am »
Weird, I ran into the exact same problem last night, but not from running the AIO repair programs. I could not boot to safe mode with networking to save my life.

Sorry, I don't know how to resize these images on the forum

It pops up every 2 seconds. It shows a different outgoing port each time. Even after removing PowerShell, the message persists. I even tried disabling all of the scan options and it still pops up.

The only timeit goes away is by completely closing Malwarebytes or killing the MB prosses. Got to get some sleep and I will check back in later today to see if anyone has a solution.


Manually. They've had some REALLY bad drivers since 445.87. I kept having to go back to that version to fix things. I am just puzzled as to why their Geforce Experience software is causing issues with my keyboard and mouse. If it wasn't for their Freestyle filters I wouldn't bother installing it but those filters fix graphic fidelity in many games that cannot be achieved otherwise.

That would be a HELL NO!  :tongue: I tried /AMDATI GPUs multiple times since the late 90's up until a couple years ago and their support software and drivers are absolutely horrible. Nvidia has the best drivers and they actually keep them up to date even for older cards unlike AMD. There are a lot of horrible people on forums, especially gaming and graphic forums.

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« on: October 08, 2020, 07:33:40 pm »
All capitals solves everything, right? [email protected] I've used it in the past for activation issues and got a fast response.

Think I found the source of the issue with mouse misbehaving and the keyboard disconnecting. Last night on several occasions the problem occurred and I decided to at least TRY to record the issue via Shadowplay  (a feature of Geforce Experience) while it was happening (the shortcut is ctrl+alt+F9). Well, as soon as I hit the key combo to start the recording the behavior became normal again! Every single time. Windows 10 FORCES us to use Versions 3 and later of Geforce Experience in order to use Shadowplay now; it won't even allow the inclusion of Shadowplay or Freestyle Filters (which fixes graphical issues in some games) in V2 or older versions of Geforce Experience in Windows 10. So I am stuck using versions 3 even though it's interfering with my M/K. I'm between a rock and a hard place because whenever it happens I have to start a recording a video then stop it again. How intuitive!

Unfortunately, no one ever gets a response directly from Nvidia on their "support" forums and I got flamed by other users just for reporting another issue I had proof of (Fixed it since). Now I can't even START a new thread there. What a wonderful world!

That's what I did when I uninstalled them. From what I could find on Google it's normal for Windows 10 to display multiples due to some programming in the hardware. My keyboard is lighted and has some special functions, but doesn't depend on any software. That's all I can think of. I should check to see what comes up in the device manager in Windows 7 when I get around to it. Though I can say with absolute certainty I have never experienced the same wonky behavior in Windows 7. MS needs to hire some actual pc programmers instead of mobile phone geeks to work on their stupid OS.  :undecided:

Next time it happens I'll reboot my pc and go straight there. Edit: just happened again but then went away a minute later. Keyboard wouldn't respond, left clicking things, instead of selecting, would open a folder or something. I immediately checked the event viewer and there were zero errors or warning during the time that this happened. Thanks!

After removing and reinstalling my keyboard Windows suddenly shows more than twice the keyboard devices it had before uninstalling!

I keep setting Windows to never check for drivers but it just reverts back randomly (kind of like when the ninja install software I didn't approve of). They keep changing my default sound over and over and over. What a trash OS yet it's getting to the point where you have to have it to do certain things.

You know, it would be great to be able to do that but  I am terrible at sorting stuff in the event viewer. So if the mouse clicking misbehaves (opening menus, moving whole folders, running software randomly when I try and simply click something), where exactly should I look in the event viewer? Thanks.

Well, ran a repair install (TWICE) and the issue still exists. Doesn't have any issues in Windows 7 though. Something funky in Windows 10. Side note: I upgraded to Window 10 from a previous solid working Windows 7 installation just so I could use G-sync and Freesync in games. MS went out of its way to block Windows 7 from having full compatibility with newer drivers (Source: Nvidia staff!)

Windows 10 has produced the weirdest behavior I have ever seen. My keyboard keeps disconnecting (been happening ever since I upgraded to Windows this year). Frequently clicking a windows link or folder doesn't open things but opens a menu of some sort. If I click on a tab in any browser, instead of switching to that tab it duplicates the tab. Thought it was my K/M drivers so uninstalled and reinstalled them but, nope, it's Windows ten being funky with peripherals. Read somewhere a while back that mouse and onscreen keyboard in accessibility settings can cause this, but I've disabled all of that junk.

I so don't want to start over from scratch. It would take several days to get back the software and games I have installed with their original settings.

I'll give that a try. Thank you for being so helpful.  :teeth:

On the same version of WR. Did all that many times :) SFC fixed the corruptions after running the dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth you suggested but not before. I have so much stuff installed I hate the to even think of refreshing the whole system. I've tried various backup programs that are supposed to preserve software settings but none of them are reliable.

Too many things distracted me since your last reply (bad health, bad car wreck), Boggins, and I could not reply for some reason today so forced to create a new topic. As you suggested I ran the following:

dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
Weird how SFC did not find errors BEFORE running those but did afterward. Anyway I am on the most recent version of Windows 10 vers 508 (far as I know, slap me if I'm wrong). The repair program just isn't able to register files no matter how much time passes.

I did notice that Windows 10 is preventing me from changing several registry settings and I was forced to change ownership from system to "Smorgydorg-PC\Administrators" in order to change them. These were just internet settings. Maybe Windows 10 is refusing Windows Repair from changing things do to some "ownership" issue with the registry or other part of the system?  At your convenience, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me during such a trying time. :) Ran SFC plenty. It only happens when running the MDAC/MS Jet repair.  I will run those other commands as long as they don't affect my installed programs.

16 Support & Help / Repair stalling while registering files
« on: August 18, 2020, 07:14:49 pm »
I've shutdown, restarted 3x and ran a full drive scan. Something is preventing your program from finishing "registering files". I ran it almost 4 hours the last time and it just won't complete.

Edit: Skipped that part and got stuck here. Total time at this point 8:30 hours.

I have hidden and system files enabled to be shown. I want to add startup items to the all users startup folder as adding them to m actually user folder doesn't have any effect. Enabling startup items through the official way (via Windows settings, task manager, etc.) has had no effect. Windows 10 is standing on my last nerve! :p

Hope you are all well and safe. I'm a little sick myself though unsure if it's Covid-19.

That is a good idea. My doc royally screw up my simbalta prescription and I've been off my meds over a week and have been going throught some really horrible withdrawals. Hence why I haven't checked in.

Well, I now realize my "fresh" installs include my profile being restored first from a back up. Apparently, something in my app data folder was screwing up my system so I couldn't get into safemode. A really fresh install, NOTHING installed, no backups restored, is problem free. Wow, I just need to stop messing with Windows setting!  :shy:

Doesn't seem to have any affect on getting into safe mode.  Good night. I went out for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is what it shows: Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32_Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/CIMV2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

No problem with Windows 10. Gonna take me some time to go through the event viewer. I'm going to attempt to get into safe mode right now so I trigger a fresh event.

Check my original post as I describe in great detail the issue with getting booted out of safe mode.  I wiped the drive clean  and installed Windows 7 from scratch. Where do I look in event viewer to see F8 events? Thanks.

Well, that's exactly what I did and even flashed my bios. STILL won't stay in safe mode! This is the dumbest issue I have ever run into. I've never seen this happen and be completely unfixable. Shane's program ALWAYS fixed it. Just going to set my hair on fire and run around in the street now.

My ISO came via an ISO downloader tool I seem to remember downloading from a Microsoft website and the ISO is dated July. There wouldn't be any significant differences between that and one I could download now, plus COX keeps getting on me about my bandwidth even though I pay for the ultimate plan which is supposed to be unlimited. BTW pretty soon I'm moving to a net deadzone, I'll be 14 miles from the nearest town in Oregon.

Trying to run the repair install from within Windows. Something keeps causing it fail after it finishes copying over all the install files.

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