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Thanks. I'll have to think about the restore possibility. I would need to go and identify any of my personal data files changed since that point and preserve them I believe correct? As well as Outlook.
The more I researched on those two MS updates it seemed like MS or no one at their forums etc. wanted to reply or touch that answer.....makes me wonder what MS is up to. I saw something about it being related to products that modify the Microsoft products outside their realm.....ahem.... like this tool!?  I could be crazy. But I see others have had the same issue without much of a resolution that I could find.

Back to this issue, what's the long term consequences if I don't do anything with all of these packages?

Thanks again.

The environment variables repair was run to no avail. I checked the Chipset update utility and it didn't find anything for my machine.
I ran all of the repairs again via the tool and did the pre-scan again and it still shows 998 of them.
When you say "get busy" do you mean manually downloading them from the MS catalog?
Any other options to try?
Thanks for your help.

I'm running Win 7 SP1 and have had problems lately with Windows update. I thought I had it corrected. I do have the Tweaking Repair tool with tech tools. Was noticing earlier today that the same 2 updates keep getting downloaded and installed by WinUpd. They are: KB3004375 and KB3031432. Also when I run the Tweaking repair tool it tells me I am missing 998 packages. I would rather not fix them manually and was hoping I could feed the log of missing packages into a repair or download process. I've attached the pre-scan log file.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
PS. On a side note. Is Microsoft messing with Win 7 users to "encourage" them to upgrade to Win10?

I had done all the pre steps before figuring there was probably a lot that may be out of whack. Anyway it seems after one more reboot it did work, it just took quite a long time. Thanks for your help.

I'm a new user to your tool and seem to understand what I needed to do.
Running Win 7 Home Prem SP1.
For the life of me I can't get windows update to get corrected and run. It all started earlier in the week when Windows update would get stuck at various points checking for updates. I wasn't getting failures it just would hang. I've tried your tool numerous times and it still doesn't seem to work and I have attached the lastlog. I have IT experience but am not all that savvy in the windows world but I suspect I am going to be schooled..good thing!
I have attached a log of the last run.
Before I purchased the tweaking tool and techtools (which I haven't received yet) I tried some steps from a YouTube vid at  to no avail.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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