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after checking the other forum topics it appears that other customers are having similar problems. mostly with v 4, but there are some that had issues with the last update to v 3.9.?  which I updated to right before I ran the "fix"
so I am not the only one on this forum that is having issues after the "fix" tool.

hey there I am back
I wanted to try to do a system restore from cmd promt. I did type a couple of the commands that you suggested and they were either wrong or the system wouldn't accept them...I will try again.  I went into the bios set-up and it had been changed to boot from hdd to cd . I changed it back to the 1st device as hdd  no luck. the program changed my drive letters. the os is on the hdd I checked in the bios. but it is now listed on drive "D" and "C" is reserved with 513mb on it

it is a Seagate hdd I thought I would call them and see if they can help me via phone. I will pay whatever anyone charges to get phone help...I just cannot do this read...type..go ..go back..thing

hey boggin
sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but my wrist was killing me from typing the other night. and it has taken me this long to be able to do this again!

i give up i was in the middle of a very long reply and hit something and it just disappeared!!!

anyway, i will try what you suggested. i can get it to boot into safe mode, but when i first turn it on, it trys to do a start-up repair, then restarts then i tap f8 to get into safe mode it has all of th recovery options but they dont do anything.

i can find the programs and files by going thru the backdoor but cannot open any of them that is get them to run. i found the reg back-up and the restore point that was created when i ran tweaking.

i ran a scandisc on drive where the os, and it came back with no errors. so if i can get to it,i think it will be okay

when i put the os disc in it doesnt load any files. it is the disc that i installed the os from. and the key is came from msoft, and no it doesnt have sp1

anyway, i can get into the bios by tappin f2 and change the boot order..but the recovery page doesnt have any restore points on it or any drivers. and it doent do the loading driver thing whe it starts. nor does it load drivers from the os disc

thanks for all the help. i will take this comp into the other room tomorrow and try the cmds that you suggested. is there a good time when you will be on the forum, in case i have questions as i am going thru the tries?

it would be very helpfull
thank you

sorry boggin, but it is 4 am where i am and i have to go to sleep. if you can come up with anything, i will check tomorrow. i also have a broken wrist and typing is VERY difficult

thanks for the try

yes i tried to run it too, but it doesnt load all of the files

the comp will only boot to safe mode with the recovery options. i have to go thru the backdoor to find my data. there is no start no desktop just fieles where i can see the files but cannot run anything. i think, maybe all if the drivers are loaded to another disc. when i try to open a file it says that i have to download a driver in order to use this program..

when i boot to safe mode ( by pressing F8) it does not do the usual loading driver thing it just goes into recovery


no... i went to seagate, and did not understand, at all, what it said to do. i do not have any discs only usb thumbs

i ran a checkdisc and it found no errors

i have never had an X drive before i ran the cleaning tool. i found all of the data. it has been moved to drive D no longer on C but i cannot access it

and X only has a little used space. D has all of my old data that used to be on C

is there any one that will walk me thru fixing this via phone? i have a really difficult time communicating by email


i can get into the first screen of safe mode  it does not load any drivers and when i go to com promt i an in drive X

i ran sfc scannow and it found the installation on drive D but it was on C before i ran the tweaking progr and THERE WAS NO DRIVE X

i found my drives, but command prompt opens as X:

my drive with the installation is on D... it was on C

i went into d drive and found the tweaking program, tried to run the back-up reg but it says i do not have any drivers installed. i think they may have been put on X

can anyone tell me how to get to drive D instead of boot X

i always get yelled at bcuz i dont do furums rght, cuz i cannot go ahead and et it over with!

i ran tweaking 2 nights ago, i did it the right way...steps 1-until my computer went dead.  i then did a system restart and it could not start, tried to do its own start way.  the files are still on the hdd but i cannot access them

i tried to do a systm restore from safemode and it said that all of my resore points had been erased

so i tried the same in com promt..same message

i have the original disc that i loaded from, put that in and   nothing

i am on another comp

the specs for the dead one:

asus gaming
windows 7 ultimate  64b
updated drivers
nividea 342.1
all updates b security only

any help woul be greatly appreciated

oh yes btw i am running the pro version, updated to 3.9.5.... the last one that you updated before 7/11/17


General Computer Support / Re: what is man in th middle attack
« on: June 16, 2016, 09:57:57 AM »
okay, it just happened again, everyday at @ the same time, i get a call from an "unknown number" when i answer they hang up. if i let my machine get the call,
 they hang up.  so i called the number back...latest number = 1-479-250-4000   when i call it back it goes to an old dial-up modem sound. when i googled one of the numbers it came up as a " cheap internet server "

any help with this will be greatly appreciated. i am getting VERY frustrated, and a little bit scared!!

General Computer Support / Re: what is man in th middle attack
« on: June 16, 2016, 08:42:38 AM »
not very good. i ran an adware scan which did find some errors, but after i restarted ny usre profiles disappeared from my sign-on screen. i had 2 , so i ran the tweaking tool in safe mode ( it fixed the other pc ) but they are still gone. i can sign-on to looks very generic, but i cant remember the password or the name to the other one. any suggestions on how to restore user profiles. i also ran a system restore and got an error message

General Computer Support / Re: what is man in th middle attack
« on: June 15, 2016, 11:35:40 PM »
yes m$ security essentials

btw, i thought that i haf activated my pro version of tweak, but it didnt take. is my order id the first thing i type or my email?

i got the other 2 registration codes, but i dont think my order id is correct

hello ther

i had the exact same problem, but with a dell computer wind 7 ult both 32b and 64 b. i went to the printers webpage and downloade the updated drivers, installed them and NO LUCK! so then i called the printer support, even tho my printer is 4-5 years old, support got right on the phone and enabled another port. took @ 5mins and all is well. it shows up on my network and prints from all laptops. but one precaution, if your printer is attached by usb cable to your master p/c, as is mine the p/c has to be turned on, not isgned onto just on. hope this helps..btw i have a canon mp990 xps printer, and i love it. i print alot of photos, as i am a photog wannabe

General Computer Support / what is man in th middle attack
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:07:04 PM »

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this could only happen to me! maybe i should just give up on computers!

o/s win 7 ult 32b

m/s sec ess


ccleaner pro

malwbytes anti rootkit



tweaking tool pro

okay this just happened the other day. when i run malwarebytes, it goes to prescam mode, then starts over, and over and over. will not complete scan. when i try to scan a file with sec ess it says that scan cannot be run

and the best part is i got a phone call from an unknown number, but they knew my name and asked for me. when i refused to take the call, they hung up.

i googled the number and got several hits on a dial-up svc  the number is 1-712-380-1004.

any help would be greatly appreciated. i am afraid that someone is using my bandwidth

oh and btw the updated tweaking tool did download, and took my pro key!!  thank ya'll sooo much . i really hate to type and an not very good at reading instructions, then performing the actions that are suggested.

that is why i called m/s so that they could take over my p/c and i could watch...and learn of course.

believe it or not i am very capable with p/c repair, and am not afraid of regedit with instruction.

but i think that this has infitrated my network, and that is WAYYY beyond what i feel capable of doing.

after m/s worked on my desktop, all of my libraries were sent to an indian server. i just happened to find the site and got them recovered

docs, 1000's of pics, videos.  needless to say they are all on a thumbdrive now

so if ya'll are willing, i am here, for awhile until i have to feed horses.


i am back. sorry for the long delay but it took me awhile to be sure that my computer was operating correctly.
to answer most of your questions, the call to microsoft was initiated by me, to report the scammer! i called the phone number that is listed under support.

so then i asked them to take a look at my system and they said that they offer 1 year support for 149.95. which i figured was a "fair price" i have the receipt from m/s, but yes you are right they left my system in worse shape than it was when i called them. then i insisted that i be transfered to tech2 dept. they were a little better, but they always end up in the same place...reload your o/s...NOT!!!

so i figured i would give it a go by using tweak, went to download the newest version and that is where i came in. yes i already had run adware

i was in safe mode when i was talking to ya'll.

the tweak worked, so i immediatly sighned up for the full version, which i need now, because i think the virus is in my network, as i am on my laptop, and it is not scanning with malwarebytes, or m/ sec ess

again sorry for the long break, but i had enough of the computer thing for awhile and i needed to do some "farm" work

if you are interested i own huntmaster farms. and i will post a link to my website.

sorry i didnt respond right away but i had to go feed horses.

thats when it gives me the error message that system restore did  not complete properly. there is a missing dll from windows trnsfer...or something like references to windows xp, which to my knowledge has never been on this computer.

let me give you some specs ( i should've done this earlier)
dell dimension E520 desktop
windows 7 ultimate 32b came preinstalled but i got a disk with it
N Vidia 7300
intel duo core

when i got it, i tranfered my files and programs over w/ a belkin cable

i am probly missing something but i just cannot read, then type and remember what i read

i paid microsoft for phone support..and thats when it al whent to h...lll

i lost my log-ons except for my admin account, i cant do a ststem restore, now i cant download anything
AND  i have that weirdcertificate virtualapp/didlogical with a user name that is jibberish and a concealed password.
which i googled today and nobody really knows for sure what it is

no errors, just doesnt start at all. also i checked my updates and tho i have installed hundreds, it says no updates have been installed on this computer. i can see them in installed updates but not if i go to remove an update

okay i tried to download adware and no go! i am using windows 7 ult, 32b

yes i tried to run a ckdsk in cmd w/ admin but it says that it cannot run. i cannot do a system restore either.says that an xp.dll is missing. i am sorry but i did not write down what exact file is missing. so i was trying to fix the problem w/ tweaking tool. it found a bunch of errors and fixed them so i restarted in safe mode to run the repair tool. but then i thought i should have the latest version, but it will not download. i will try what you said, and get back to you

22 Support & Help / new tweaking version will not download
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:00:09 PM »
i am new to posting in forums so please overlook any mistakes i might make.
i have tried to download the new version, with cookies enabled, from both sites and am now in safemode, but it will not download. should i continue with repair?
my pc is so messed up, i really do not even know where to start.

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