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Everything Else / Re: Win 7 SystemImage ETL Files
« on: December 14, 2018, 01:02:06 AM »
Thanks for that Boggin.
Think will leave them be for now.


Everything Else / Re: Win 7 SystemImage ETL Files
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:54:57 AM »
Got it. I did'nt scroll down past the video on the page and missed that bit of info.
So can get rid of these SystemImage ETL Files then.

Thanks for your help,

Everything Else / Re: Win 7 SystemImage ETL Files
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:12:46 AM »
Hi Boggin,

My question was are these files used on a subsequent re-image? I'm assuming not as these files could well be corrupted and thus render a re-image useless,


Everything Else / Win 7 SystemImage ETL Files
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:31:41 AM »
Using Win 7 X 64 Pro.

I regularly create System Image Backups and save to an external HDD. I note that in C:\Windows\Logs\windowsBackup Folder ther are several
 SystemImage ETL Files.
I'm assuming these were created as part of the process of creating a System Image'
My question is are these files used on a subsequent re-image? I'm assuming not as these files could well be corrupted and thus render a re-image useless,
However I am double checking with you guys.


Already tried that. Created new folder on desktop, copied OSK.exe to it and even ran as admin. No joy. Permissions by the way all correct.


Yes think that's it, when the osk pop-up Could not start is acknowledged by clicking OK it terminates the process.
However presumably the process is running (as reported by task manager) so is the prog running but cant display its Window?


Forgot to mention have managed to get my hands on a disk from a friend, but would appreciate your thoughts on previous post first. (Task Manager) as always like to solve a problem and advance my learning of windows rather than just re-install. However sometimes ......


Hi Boggin,
Just noticed that osk.exe is showing as running in task manager, in both Applications and Processes tabs, when osk is invoked from 'ease of access'
Then when OK is clicked in the pop-up box 'Could not start on screen keyboard' the entries disappear.
Is this any help to you? It confuses the hell out of me.


Will give that a try this weekend when have more time.
Thanks again for your help.


Yes, to be honest having over the last year or so getting my system working exactly as I want it I'm loath to tempt fate with a repair install  for the sake of such a minor problem.
I have downloaded one of the many third party On Screen keyboard programs which works well so think that as no other problems I will continue to scratch my head.

Thank you so much for all the time and trouble you have given on this.


Hi Boggin,

Repair install:
I understand that personal stuff should not be affected but I have various settings  changes in place for things like removing libraries and removing unwanted right click context items etc:
I assume those would be reset?


Sorry, forgot to mention no events at all in Reliability going back as far as possible.

Hi Boggin,

Machine is Lenovo Thinkpad E530c and came with Windows 7 X64 installed ie: OEM no installation disc.
I don't often have a use for OSK therefore its difficult to say when it stopped working, but roughly about a month ago. I keep a 'Changelog' detailing any changes I make so as to help in cases like this and cant see, or think of any changes made that might be relevant to this problem.


Hi Boggin,
Tried invoking from Cmd (elevated) and no error code,just same pop up 'Could not start on screen keyboard'

Event viewer shows nothing with 'ERROR'
That is to say No Critical, No Error and no Warnings in 'Overview and Summary'

Yes, you will see my post/s on Seven Forums and Sysnative as well, as this problem although minor in the scheme of things, seems to be
very difficult to pin down. Just grateful to all you guys on these forums for your time and trouble to help.


Thanks for prompt reply.

Not really familiar with event logs, could you walk me through how to capture what we are looking for please.


Hi everyone,
Running Win 7 Pro X64 and am unable to launch the On Screen Keyboard either from Ease of access or by running the exe C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe. Just get pop up error box 'Could not start On Screen keyboard'.

Things Tried so far:

Run SFC /Scannow and all OK
Ran in both Safe and Clean Modes. Still same problem
Created new account to exclude a possible corrupt profile. Still same problem
Ran CHKDSK and third party Disc checker to eliminate HDD problems. All OK.
Checked permissions/size of osk.exe and corresponds to another machine.
Toggled PC Tablet Components feature and re-booted.
No Lock down prog installed just Avast Free and WinPatrol
Copied osk.exe from another machine to desktop and ran as admin.

All above to no avail.
At loss on how to proceed further, help please anybody.


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