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Everything Else / Win 7 SystemImage ETL Files
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:31:41 AM »
Using Win 7 X 64 Pro.

I regularly create System Image Backups and save to an external HDD. I note that in C:\Windows\Logs\windowsBackup Folder ther are several
 SystemImage ETL Files.
I'm assuming these were created as part of the process of creating a System Image'
My question is are these files used on a subsequent re-image? I'm assuming not as these files could well be corrupted and thus render a re-image useless,
However I am double checking with you guys.


Hi everyone,
Running Win 7 Pro X64 and am unable to launch the On Screen Keyboard either from Ease of access or by running the exe C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe. Just get pop up error box 'Could not start On Screen keyboard'.

Things Tried so far:

Run SFC /Scannow and all OK
Ran in both Safe and Clean Modes. Still same problem
Created new account to exclude a possible corrupt profile. Still same problem
Ran CHKDSK and third party Disc checker to eliminate HDD problems. All OK.
Checked permissions/size of osk.exe and corresponds to another machine.
Toggled PC Tablet Components feature and re-booted.
No Lock down prog installed just Avast Free and WinPatrol
Copied osk.exe from another machine to desktop and ran as admin.

All above to no avail.
At loss on how to proceed further, help please anybody.


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