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Hi, my main query was about access denied 5. The issue is Tweaker runs, shows no error message and I thought it was working fine. But when I checked the log, most of the repairs failed because Tweaker was refused, this was accepted by tweaker with no information/warning that it was not doing what I thought it was; even though it was run in administrator mode and I am the only user on a standalone.
On to a few other items. I ran inssider , as suggested. All was fine, I have no interference,from any other router (i live in a rural area), there is no reason why safe mode with networking should not happen but the router seems to be disabled, when I click the network icon, there are no connections available???
As to why I'd unplug the battery, isn't that what you advise on the very first option, when running tweaker?
I have done a complete clean reinstall, hopefully that wil remove the access 5  but 'Im certain it won't stop networking being unavailable

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.
I would like to ask for more detailed comment about the repairs that failed and some other items that concern me from the log.
Before I start, I apologise for my ignorance; my comments are based on my feeling that my router/network (home user only, all home machines standalones, no syncing) and trying for several years to correct my assumptions; and perhaps my illogical logic, whilst using Tweaking pro and looking at the logs. THIS is not a criticism of the product, I think it is particularly good, but I am concerned, that some how on my machines, its ability is being degraded. I would be very pleased for your comments, even if they say, ?your being an idiot!?
Let me start about when I boot to safe mode from the application. With this newish laptop, I cannot remove the battery, so that presumably is an issue; however, on both my desktop and laptop, I lose internet connection whilst I am using Wi-Fi. So especially on this machine the laptop (the ones these logs are for), the repairs are done in safe mode but without internet connection. (If I connect to ethernet I do not lose)
Moving on to the logs, as I read the logs there are quite a few repairs that cannot/have not been able to run
1Remove temp files
There are files hear that tweaking could not remove, not system files (?), why would that be?
2 Repair Icons
This is a question for knowledge please, is there a setting where the system can be set to stop producing these icon/thumb caches
3 Repair windows installer
Access denied reason 5, a recurring problem. As mentioned, this laptop had a new SSD last week, no backup files brought on to the disc (all on one drive). I am the only/user administrator. Code 5 as I understand it is an access denied because of lack of authority/status; how is that possible if I am the only user/administrator? I am assuming that this repair did not work (?)
4 Repair Network
Access 5 denial again, so this repair has not taken place (?)
5 Repair print spooler
I regularly lose my printer for no apparent reason, I see two files deleted, just asking is there any significance with these two files, I appreciate this may be a stupid question.
6 Volume shadow copy repair
Service not being able to be started.  Is there any reason? I must admit to not understanding this and particularly storage volumes in device manager, I have volumes but I have a dozen hidden volumes with the message ?currently this volume is not connected to the computer (code45)?
This repair I assume cannot work if the volume shadow copy cannot be started?
7 Repair Windows Updates
Change serviceconfig failed code 5 access denied, repair failed (?)
8 Repair WMI
System Error 5 failed
Just some further information, I have malwarebytes premium (not registered in windows) and malwarebytes VPN on my machines and use windows defender and firewall

I?ve just run the full suite of repairs on Tweaking and in restore default permissions there is an error log and it is copied below
ERROR: Writing SD to <machine\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\CurrentLanguage> failed with: The handle is invalid.
ERROR: Writing SD to <machine\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\009> failed with: The handle is invalid.
ERROR: Writing SD to <machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\CurrentLanguage> failed with: The handle is invalid.
ERROR: Writing SD to <machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\009> failed with: The handle is invalid.
Does this have anything to do with Access 5 denial?

As I say I want tweaking to work, this is all written in a positive vien, to help me and tweaking where appropriate
Many Thanks

Looking at the log it would appear (in my ignorance) that many of the repairs failed because of access denied code 5. If this is the case how doI stop this happening.
This is a standalone laptop. I am the only user/administrator. This is a dell vostro laptop. Last week they replaced my SSD drive and the disc was clean, no back up used (everything in the cloud).
Again this maybe my ignorance but I notice my ID on this machine , finishes with 1002. When I've had new machines in the past, it has I beleive always ended 1001, specific to the machine, IF that is the case where/who is '1001'. There is no other user on the machine?
I attach the last log, would you be kind enough to have a look please and advise if there is some serious underlying flawin the system and if so how it can be reolved
Thank you

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