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Oh, yes, Sir Tom.
It absolutely 100% does! I'm pretty sure I'll find out when I open the Download but I'm sure it's just the "section" of that is the updated part since (I forget, the end of the summer). Meaning if for some reason (because I forget how I got to this exact website) it's the entire updated program & wouldn't fit into my now it would either read something like that before installation or just not work. Besides this was either a Link from the software I never got a chance to use after I downloaded it, or I Googled it e.g. The Update for version.... I know I'm 99.999% sure I'll just go ahead & wish to thank all involved in helping me! Remember all, be kind to your liver or you'll end up with memory & a brain as bad as mine for a year or two! LOL Believe it or not it"s a very weird story, not a drinker, IV user just a cruel joke my friends played on my not knowing that it would bring on Hep C!

Dear Tom, Thank you so very much for your quick reply. MajorGeeks has two of them though? The Updates they have Installer (53.06 MB) & Portable (53.32 MB). Why there's a difference of 0.26 MB's beats me or even have 2 instead of 1 beats me further.
I'm no IT guy or computer programmer so why do they even have 2 different (what I would at this point call) "Kinds" beats me furtherer (lol) especially when has a "Direct Download" right in between them on their website. However, my is not the question why I just want to make sure I Download the correct one. What would you download out of the 3?

I'm waiting on a Liver Transplant God Willing, therefore I've pretty bad Hepatic Encephalopathy which part of that side effect is Toxins in my blood don't get filtered out via Liver nearly close to a normal person's liver & can pile up in the brain effecting Very Bad Memory & Overall not too intelligent thinking, therefore, I'm almost begging for somebody's help. Last night I ran a Download of Windows Repair from 3 months ago & it didn't finish a Restore Point. Error message maybe but most likely it said not enough disk or storage space after 30 minutes. I can get rid of some stuff (if that was the problem) However, I noticed tonight after opening the program it said something like always run the most up-to-date version
4.12.1 is available would ....... When I got there it listed 3: The Installer (53.06 MB) - Mirror @ - in the middle was 
DOWNLOAD Direct Download (no MB's listed & no (I assumed I wouldn't have to go to, just download it from that webpage & Portable (53.32 MB) - Mirror @ With this disease making me kind of stupid ^ being a novice still after 20+ years, having (v4.11.5) already on my Laptop ('s Windows Repair 2021 & never heard of the program until I downloaded it & was then carted off to the hospital & forgetting about the program for a while how am I supposed to know which 1 of the 3 I wanted & still want to Download? HELP HELP HELP please? lol  Respectfully, Barry

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