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I'm waiting on a Liver Transplant God Willing, therefore I've pretty bad Hepatic Encephalopathy which part of that side effect is Toxins in my blood don't get filtered out via Liver nearly close to a normal person's liver & can pile up in the brain effecting Very Bad Memory & Overall not too intelligent thinking, therefore, I'm almost begging for somebody's help. Last night I ran a Download of Windows Repair from 3 months ago & it didn't finish a Restore Point. Error message maybe but most likely it said not enough disk or storage space after 30 minutes. I can get rid of some stuff (if that was the problem) However, I noticed tonight after opening the program it said something like always run the most up-to-date version
4.12.1 is available would ....... When I got there it listed 3: The Installer (53.06 MB) - Mirror @ - in the middle was 
DOWNLOAD Direct Download (no MB's listed & no (I assumed I wouldn't have to go to, just download it from that webpage & Portable (53.32 MB) - Mirror @ With this disease making me kind of stupid ^ being a novice still after 20+ years, having (v4.11.5) already on my Laptop ('s Windows Repair 2021 & never heard of the program until I downloaded it & was then carted off to the hospital & forgetting about the program for a while how am I supposed to know which 1 of the 3 I wanted & still want to Download? HELP HELP HELP please? lol  Respectfully, Barry

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