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Hi Shane, This is a wonderful product!

I regularly use the Win7 Backup/Restore (SystemPropertiesProtection.exe) to manually create a restore point before downloading and installing any programs. The Win7 backup allows me to name the newly created restore point. For my purposes and for ease of restoration, I always use the format "B4<downloaded filename>". The Win7 Backup/Restore utility automatically appends the date and time to each backup I create. When I wish to restore my system to a previous backup point, a descriptive list with my assigned registry backup names and associated time/date are presented in a top down array. The backup description allows me to conveniently choose the correct restore point without having to remember what time/date stamp correlation I require to get my system back to a previous "secure" point. This is quite useful when I download and install various applications in the same day.

So, after all of this, I was wondering if this backup registry naming convention exists in your application; and if not, would it be feasible to implement with your current design?

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