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1 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: July 04, 2012, 07:08:30 pm »
The reason I am concerned about the success/failure of the registry restore is that Win7 sometimes displays a message after a Restart/Win7 log on indicating that the Restore failed. I then restart Win7 in SafeMode and run the Win7 Backup/Restore application; a message displays indicating that I must Restart the system. After a successful Restart/Win7 log on, a popup message displays indicating that the Restore operation was successful.

I guess I'm bewildered as to why Win7 Backup/Restore sometimes works in regular mode and sometimes it requires SafeMode. I was trying to visualize how your program fits into this scenario and if there would ever be any instances where your Registry Backup application would fail in restoring any "locked"(?) registry keys and thus require SafeMode to run your Registry Backup application.

I do have Win7 Backup/Restore configured to "Restore system settings and previous versions of files". Perhaps Win7 is unable to restore a previous version of a file because of exclusive use while a normal user is logged in. Since SafeMode uses a vanilla file system, the user files are no longer in use and can be restored successfully.

It seems that your Registry Backup application is mainly focused on registry and profile items. That's what I'm looking for!  Your successful files copied message then reboot request should be quite adequate.


2 Support & Help / Re: Registry Backup Beta
« on: July 04, 2012, 11:15:05 am »
Hi Shane,
That's pretty quick work! I fired up the new app and successfully entered, saved, and restored a Registry Backup name selection. I like it.

One observation though; after I restore the registry via the Registry Backup GUI, you display a message indicating that the sytem needs to be restarted before the restored registry items can be accessed. Okay, I bring Win7 down gracefully and select Restart; Win7 restarts and after I log on to Win7, there is no indication that the Restore operation succeeded or failed. I took a look at the "Log_Restore.txt" file for the selected restore point and it appears that all of the registry files were correctly restored.

After a Restart and a successful login to Win7, perhaps you can display some sort of popup message indicating that the "Registry Backup Restore operation was successful (or failed)" Or something similar. The Win7 Backup/Restore function currently displays an informative message regarding the restore success/failure on Restart and login. This definitely puts me at ease.

I prefer your product over the Win7 Backup/Restore application.

I'll keep testing and keep you informed.


Thanks for the reply Shane. I hope you'll be able to capture and store the entered Registry Backup Restore Point name. FYI - my longest Registry Backup Restore Point name in Win7 is 25 characters (excluding the time/date stamp).


Hi Shane, This is a wonderful product!

I regularly use the Win7 Backup/Restore (SystemPropertiesProtection.exe) to manually create a restore point before downloading and installing any programs. The Win7 backup allows me to name the newly created restore point. For my purposes and for ease of restoration, I always use the format "B4<downloaded filename>". The Win7 Backup/Restore utility automatically appends the date and time to each backup I create. When I wish to restore my system to a previous backup point, a descriptive list with my assigned registry backup names and associated time/date are presented in a top down array. The backup description allows me to conveniently choose the correct restore point without having to remember what time/date stamp correlation I require to get my system back to a previous "secure" point. This is quite useful when I download and install various applications in the same day.

So, after all of this, I was wondering if this backup registry naming convention exists in your application; and if not, would it be feasible to implement with your current design?

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