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1 Support & Help / humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 27, 2017, 11:44:05 pm »
I bought a lifetime licenses for this, which when i bought it, it said that i would get all the updates for free. This is not another program its a update which you state. Therefore you can not charge me for the update.  I dont want to be an asshole and go the distance on this, but I have been through this song and dance before, .......ill just say three things. I am an attorney, I know the laws.  Please give me my update to the 4.O version.   :angry:


General Computer Support / Wait a min.........what is going on?
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:00:19 am »
i don't want to start negative feedback.....i just want help i deleted it.....but can i get some answers on my post above?

Sir  / owner of TwekerPro ......the permissions fix seems to be setting permissions incorrectly.  I have done extensive testing on this and I would like to get your feedback.  When I reset permissions and then look at my download or any file really, the permission is not set correctly on most non system files.   Causing an issue with installing or running programs. There are also a lot of files that are changed to SPECIAL that should be FULL control.

For example I was having issues with installing  Intel(R) Management Engine Interface so i  changed the permissions on Intel(R) Management Engine Interface  to Admin, System , myusername and Users. I was able to install it correctly and the program worked . I then uninstalled it with revo uninstaller and rebooted. I then re-downloaded Intel(R) Management Engine Interface and then booted into safemode.  I then ran a full  tweaker repair on my system, i also did a prescan and no errors detected.  I then rebooted and tried to install Intel(R) Management Engine would not install . I then looked at the file properties and noticed that it only had Admin, system and myusername but all were set to special.  I then deleted all the permissions and added admin , system , myusername and Users with full control and rebooted........I then tried to install it, and it worked perfectly.  I have tested this on many different files and programs and every time I run TweakerPRO I have the same issues on most files.  So whats up with this?  I have also done many clean installs of windows 7 to test if it was a system error and this ONLY happens after I run Tweakerpro?  So for a program that is to repair windows .........its seems to me that it is not repairing.........its damaging file permissions?  :confused:

Oh and this is not a new issue....its been like this for a while now........i just recently figured out what was causing it.

Feedback? help?

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