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1 Support & Help / Re: humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 29, 2017, 01:46:13 pm »
ok so one new feature, what else?   I think Boggins just summed this up for us.


I just went through all the features and honestly, there is nothing I see here that justifies a $22 increase from the advertised lifetime upgrade .

  What i do see, is a lot of people having problems with the both versions  and the software not working as intended.

28 days..........

2 Support & Help / Re: humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 29, 2017, 04:00:17 am »
In fact, i can not find one new feature that is in the 4.0.1 version that is not in the past versions.  Yes you have broken them out and made some presets, but i see nothing that is actually a NEW feature?

Ill break them out for you and if you would be so kind to tell me what is a new feature please?   1.The pre-repair section is laid out much nicer than in the past version but i see no additional features or extra pre-repairs.

2. Back up tools......   again  I do not see any new features in the back up section. In the past versions, you were able to make a complete back up of the files and registry, all you have done is allowed the user to break the backup down into smaller sections.

3. Repairs section.  again nothing broke them down into smaller sections and allowed the user to repair different things but you could do all this in the past versions by just  checking off certain boxes to allocate the same options your have provided. 

4. Advanced repair.......once again nothing that i can see that could not be done in the past versions of the program.  All these features in advanced were in the past versions, all that was done that i can see, is you broke them out into small repairs vs checking a box in past versions.

5 advanced tools......AGAIN nothing new. Every single thing here is in past versions of the program and i cant imagine  your are considering a "  icon you press that brings up a list of windows services and run system account as a new feature?  All your doing is providing a interface to pull up something that can be done inside windows easily. They are certainly not new features. That would be like changing the color of the UI of the program and calling it a feature. 
6. settings........humm well ill just say this. Either I am totally missing something or after looking at this more closely, its actually looks like the program was just given a major facelift and users are being sold  into buying something that is the same .......just " prettier"? 

Please help me ?  Please show me a new feature that you could not do in the old version vs the new one that I just paid $22 for? 


3 Support & Help / Re: humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 29, 2017, 03:32:16 am »
" WE have never sold a lifetime licenses " Be very careful in what you say in regards to this Jim. Many many people including my self have been told the exact opposite and if you would like i can post some pictures / advertisements  and emails of this being offered.  With no mention of  a "per major revision" . Shane would you be so kind to please chime in in this conversation?

PS I bought the upgrade and i am not finding much of anything that was not in the past program, other than how it is laid out.  Please correct me if i am wrong but most every feature  that i am seeing is not new, just presented differently.

4 Support & Help / Re: humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 28, 2017, 07:00:21 am »
Julian,  I am sorry to even be having this conversation with you, because I feel the program is a great one.  I am also sorry to inform you, that your wrong.  See I have even posted in the past and sent emails to Shane about this very matter. Warning him of this possible issue. 

Please let me explain, I at times come across companies and people selling things i am interested in on the web that are advertising lifetime upgrades and such.  I try warn them about this marketing ploy and try to help  them understand the liability they are causing themselves is extraordinary.  When you offer lifetime upgrades  and have a free version then it is clearly understood in US law and the US Courts that the free version holds no guarantees or promises.  It is also very clear that if you offer a product that lifetime upgrades, ( I recommend companies never do this) then it is very clear, in what that means....... Its that simple. it means " lifetime upgrades".  You can try to sell me on whatever new licensing package you want, but when you get in front of a judge or jury, then  I think you will understand that all the small print does not matter,  because in big bold lettering you used to have and I still have advertising this program as LIFETIME free upgrades. 

 I try to explain to business owners that by putting that statement on there advertisement opens them up for a tremendous liability, that they could find themselves in a bind in the future, in where they might make a ton of money in the beginning but after all the dust settles and the years roll by their  NEW customer base and source in income may dwindle down to nothing after expenses to maintain the " lifetime upgrades". But as long as they have not shut down there current program or filed bankruptcy / solvency then if there are upgrades on this product that they advertised as FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES in the past and its the same program, then they must provide  as they advertised,  regardless of what new features or new licensing you have come up with.

If Shane had contacted an attorney about this, they would clearly have told him this and explained to him that the only way legally this can be done as u are trying to do , is to shut down and reopened as a new business and change the product name and its base functions  around drastically and even then it still could leave him open for liability. 

Think about it a minute,  in the past, you would  see LOTS of companies offering  free upgrades for life and now you rarely see that anymore. Most companies offer a yearly subscriptions. Why? Because of this very reason and they finally realized that they could not continue to offer the upgrades  free anymore , because there was not enough revenue.  Whats sad is,  this is a great program and I knew one day that Shane would be facing this situation. But I am sorry to inform you that you can not do what you are doing legally.

Ask your customers to chime in here, what they thought they were buying and then how they felt when they saw this new upgrade that was sold to them years ago... thinking they would not pay anymore to find out they were required to pay $13 to go from 3.9.36 to 4.0?  I think you will see what your facing if you do not provide what you promised.

Ill say this, I care about people, and I don't want to see shut down or faced with a lawsuit, so please for your own good, remove the cost and put a donation box in where you are now asking for required payment, ill donate the $12 and I think many will as well. But if you require a payment for something that was clearly LIFETIME FREE upgrades.........then action must be and will be taken.  If you don't believe me or think i am just blowing smoke....go talk to a local attorney about what I have said here.  30 days...........

5 Support & Help / humm This is NOT RIGHT.
« on: July 27, 2017, 11:44:05 pm »
I bought a lifetime licenses for this, which when i bought it, it said that i would get all the updates for free. This is not another program its a update which you state. Therefore you can not charge me for the update.  I dont want to be an asshole and go the distance on this, but I have been through this song and dance before, .......ill just say three things. I am an attorney, I know the laws.  Please give me my update to the 4.O version.   :angry:


Shane and Boggin..........I just reinstalled windows and ran the tweaking pro........IT BROKE permissions again!!!  you guys need to take the download link DOWN,  until you fix this.  This is total BS.......I am sorry but I have lost my patience on this.  I bought pro to help me FIX windows problems NOT break them.......IF Shane does not  have time to update and fix the program then he has a responsibility to take the download link down and post warnings to anyone that is using it after an update or whatever MS does to break your program. 

I am busy too........its not fair to me or others that your / Shane's excuse is that he doesn't have time or it takes a while to fix the issues.......WELL TAKE DOWN the link and stop updating a broken program until its tested. HELL I even volunteer to test and help.......but this is just crazy.

AND one question for you Bin......why the heck are you using windows vista 32 bit?  Windows 7 and 8.1 are MUCH better even 10...........than Vista 32bit......come to think of it...I don't think I have ever seen a 32 bit system ?  :rolleyes:

Thanks Shane and Boggin.......I didn't mean to come across as an ass......after going back and reading my post, I guess I took out some of my frustration with WINDOWS issues on was not intended. I just never posted for help here and when Shane don't reply I guess I got a little impatient........not knowing what to expect.

I ended up reinstalling windows 10. Question........if my system is running ok after I install all drivers and such........does  TP ( when working right  :wink:) make windows 10 run better ? Or should I go with the old saying that if its not broken, don't fix it?  then 10 is broke outtta the box......... :shocked:

Yes... VSS service was on Manual.
Made it on Auto and Start. Reboot.
Same error- catastrophic failure.

In the meantime, I see Win Update is not working again - error 80070002.
It may get repaired by Win All in One.

I plan to run DiskMax, System Ninja, TidyDisk, CCleaner, Free RegRepar to clean junk in PC.
Then to check Virus problem - Anti Malwarebytes, Super Antispyware and Dr. Web.

In the meantime, I wait for sysnative forum to respond with some solution.

So I will get back to you on Mon - Nov 21.
Please be with me till this issue is solved.

Bin I have been having the SAME exact issues you have.....I gave up and just reinstalled windows.

  Has anyone found or seen a way to save a working copy of your current system, that is an ISO?  Meaning.......load windows , update all the drivers.......put all your software and programs you use on......then make a ISO of your updated machine while in pristine condition?  Then if you have any issues you just install it.  NOT a system image.......or a back up........but a ISO that you could load onto a large USB stick and then just install it like a normal ISO.........anyone ever herd of something like this?

Don't use any registry cleaners as they can do more harm than good

Boggin, do you find that true of CCleaner reg cleaner?  I am truly thinking that is the source of a lot of my issues over the you know if any studies have been done to see if its a evil doer?  I cant find anything on net with anyone complaining about it.......everyone seems to rave about CCleaner.....

I wish........its effecting a LOT more. even system files and users...........


Are you saying they didn't know who their CEO was ?

Thats correct....... and basically your saying that WR is not working and there may be no fix for it in the near future?  IF that is true.........I would HIGHLY suggest you make a  Sitewide post that warns people about this, beacuse it will cause them a nightmare if they run a full repair......thinking it is going to fix some issues ..........

Did I tell you i HATE MS?  :angry:

wow........Have a mentioned how much I HATE MS ? :angry: They have to be the biggest bunchof idiots I have ever dealt with .

If it was not for their shear size, they would be out of business!  I have no clue how they continue to even put out new product...they must have the team of core programmers locked up in a dungeon somewhere because NOT ONE , not even tier 3 tech support guys  know what they are doing . Its insane

Short story........I had an issue with a MsDtc error in my CBS logs about a year ago. So i called MS to see if they could help me troubleshoot it........

Tier one and two only know one thing......." you must reinstall windows"   I would just laugh at them and say .....DO you know who Satya Nadella is?  NOT one of them and I have asked over 50 MS techs who that is........and none of them know!  After arguing with them for 30 min that reinstalling windows is not going to fix the issue,,,, they offer me  TIER THREE Tech support..

I then  was put on hold for  another 30 min and they  come back to me saying that I have to pay $150 for tier 3 tech support........ I again laughed at that and had a little fun with it and then I put it on my Credit card,  knowing I would get it back regardless......  They then could not connect me to the TIER THREE TECH support, but could only set a call back within 24 hours...

The next day a " TIER THREE TECH SUPPORT " guy calls me and he starts asking me what the issues are and I told him  about the errors in my CBS logs  and that SFC /Scannow and Dism Restore health were not working...........he remotes into my computer and starts looking around........  I show him the CBS logs .....They he says to me....." sir you need to reinstall windows"  LOL i said ......"why do you think i need to reinstall windows? " Now brace your self for this one........and remember this is a  MICROSOFT TIER 3 TECH guy that I just paid $150 for support....he is supposed to know a lot right?  lol.......sorry i crack up every time I tell this story .. The Tech guy says to me,  "Sir you have a Intel processor and there are entries in windows  CBS logs about a AMD64 driver, you should not have AMD errors or drivers entries, this is why your windows system is not working. "   

At that very moment almost fell out of my chair  .......laughing at this guy.......I then proceeded to give him a quick background of why AMD is in windows and the history of  AMD / windows and Intel.  At first, he point blank said to me " sir I am sorry but your wrong, I know what I am talking about.  I tried my best to not blurt out " YOUR A FUNKING MORON"  and calmly said to him " listen put me on hold and go ask any of your tier 3 buddies what I am telling you......and then we can talk."  Well he came back after 15 min and started talking about something totally different......i said to him " wait a min, did you ask someone about the AMD "?.....he says......"Yes were correct.  " I then said......... :smiley: :smiley:" Do you know who Satya Nadella is?  He said " no ".......I said CLICK!    I will never call MS  again in my lifetime and was the point in time,  I lost total and all respect for MS.

I don't know what is going on over in India, but MS is not the same company as I used to know........I REALLY hope someone developers a new  OS that destroys MS!  They have become pitiful.

12 days later..........i reinstalled windows 10 ( i gave up on windows 7 with all the updates MS pushes out like a snail)  and then to tested Tweak Pro, I did a full repair 2x as suggested........I have major permission issues AGAIN.  Boggin can you at least try to recreate my issues to save Shane some time?  Just use a spare hd and install windows 10 then run Tweak 2x and see if you are having issues......

If  program that is advertised to fix windows breaks it........don't you think that is important and should be fixed asap?  I mean....someone who downloads this and runs  repair with a different only going to make his or her problem just that much worse....

I dont get it.......

ok so its been almost 10 days and not even a clue or response to any of the requests for help? What is going on here?  Shane....if your too busy then " delegate" my friend. I sent you an email long ago with a opportunity but you ignored it........ If your too busy hire more help or shut your site down?

I need help and am a paying Pro support customer that needs help,  Hell I am even willing to pay you for it ........but please help me out here ?

I am having all sorts of issues with permission now on windows 10 and 7 after using your program.  I thought it was supposed to fix windows? Not make it worse......../sigh. :confused:

humm am i going to get some help with this?

ok thank you very much Boggin


General Computer Support / Wait a min.........what is going on?
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:00:19 am »
i don't want to start negative feedback.....i just want help i deleted it.....but can i get some answers on my post above?

But Shane........most people are behind a computer just aims at the router and the router does all the does this also change the routers DNS? I say this because I have Asus AC-RT68P and you can set your DNS all day long on my computer to whatever you want.........but my router will only let everyone on my home network the DNS I have applied to the Router.  Regardless of what the computer has set as its DNS.  OR am i missing something?

boggin, no program should set policies delete or restore to default is OK but not set them...

I have had this similar problem installing tweaking too.

I have been unable to do practically no adm privilege in even adm account...

yep..........and this has been going on for a long time, i just thought it was something else or  a virus but i have now tested it  many times I am sorry to say but  without a doubt that  Tweaker pro is causing these issues. I say this because i have installed windows 7 and 10 CLEAN ...only loading system drivers such as chipsets,  sata controllers and networking dirvers...............the basics.  I then confirm that everything seems to be working and then i boot into safe mode and run the I will say...that there is no need to run the repairs because the system is running correctly.......but common sense would led me to believe that if windows tweaker is programed correctly , it would not change anything that was not  broken and would only change things in windows to improve the system...........not break it?  Right? 

yea ......but its not just MEI .......i just gave that as an example. My Windows 7 now is totally messed i have installed it 3-4 times to test and as soon as i run Tweaker the permissions get all wacky.  Hopefully he might be willing to remote in and i can show him....?

Is Shane MIA?

lol ok.....sorry.....but it did get your attention at least  :smiley:

I also just noticed TweakerPro changed my GROUPPOLICY under windows /system32 to read only therefore I cant edit it. without turing off read only.

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