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Yesterday, I launched Tweaking Windows Repair for Windows 10 upgrade not working or completed. I do that on a 2017 version since my computer was on Safe mode I was not able to upgrade. No Chkdisk error. This morning, after more than 8 hours of running to find and correct Windows errors, my computer tried during the process to reboot and I got the LogonUI.exe error. I tried again and again to reboot and was not successful. The LogonUI.exe error is always flashing.
The problem is that my Windows 10 is an Upgrade from Windows 7 and so, I have not the original CD or DVD and not the activation code. Mesnwhile, I have made a rescue revovery Windows  10 Installation USB key that I can use with F2 but this Rescue will not delete my data but all my software. Nowadays, many are dowloaded and activated from Internet, so I risk to have some problems to reinstall some of them. So, where can I find this file and how can I reboot  my laptop  to simply reinstall the corrupted LogonUI.exe file.
It is an urgency because I can no more use my laptop. I write you from my iPad.
Thanks you in advance.

Hello, I have problems trying to install Windows 10 Update for a long time. I runned Windows Update Troobleshooter without success. It is why I decided to try the Windows Repair Tool.
I follow meticulously the different procedures. I ran the Tweaking programs 3 times without problems.
The program was able to successly complete the Windows Update KB4021702 but not the KB4019473.
The download of the Cumulative Windows Update increase up to 5% and after some moment I receive the error code 0x800737712.
So, what I will be doing next, rerun Repair tool and retry this Cumulative Windows Update?
I have no problems not doing this update but with the WannaCry (targeted for XP) and other virus to come, I prefer to be up-to-date with my operating system even if I have an anti-virus program.
My SFC /Scannow detect no integrity problems.
I thank you in advance for the solutions.

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