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I have purchased both version 3 and 4.  I installed the latest update and then did a prescan, and performed the update.  Tweaking locked up for 24 hours, causing me to reboot.  Then, when I opened it again Tweaking announced I had an MSD hash incompatibility and it refused to let me in.

Restoring the computer from Windows Restore did no good, my PC was totally messed up.

Why wouldn't tweaking let me in at that point so I could see if a restore worked?

At that point, being desperate I tried to restore my C drive using an Acronis 2018 mirror.  That destroyed my hard drive.  Actually, it reformatted it and Acrois support won't fix it.

So now I'm using my old Windows 8 computer, and *.* tweaking won't even let me use it or update it since I don't have Pro.  Well, you destroy my PC and then you want me to buy a license from the old one?

And why on earth did you lock me out of Tweaker 4 because of an MSI conflict that you created?

I've wasted 3 days now, working late into the night trying to find a fix.  Do I have to buy a new computer now?


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