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This is an update to the original Version Discrepancy for - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version as it has been locked.

This appears to be working now as the versions match - 21H1 - in - Windows Repair and my Windows System Settings.

In - Windows Repair v4.11.3 under Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Cleanup Missing Registry Package Files, the Missing Registry Package Files are not being removed.
Please advise and please fix this problem ASAP.

While in Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking when Creating a Restore Point in - Windows Repair I got the following Error Message Alert "Error Creating Restore Point -2147023812 - This service cannot be started in Safe Mode 0".

Please advise?


In my - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version the final output screen lists the Version as 2009 but I have 20H2 according to my System Settings.

The OS Build appears to be correct as 10.0.19042.804 on the final output screen for my - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version as my System Settings says I have Windows 10 Home Edition and OS Build 19042.804.

Please see the attached files named _Windows_Repair_Log.txt and System Settings.jpg.

Please advise?


For - Windows Repair | Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup at the end of the process on, I think it was called, the Administrative Screen, which I think was gray, and, it asked "Permanently delete the registry key, I think HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,\???????????\C ? Yes/No".

I apologize for not writing down at the time of exectuion the screen name, screen color and registry key.

I answered No and the process ended and my PC has run OK since then.

I do not remember getting asked this question previously when I ran Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup.

Why is that question there?

What are the implications of answering Yes or No?

I noticed on my new HP PC Win 10 64 Bit Home Edition that - Windows Repair is not listed in Programs and Features of the Control Panel and, also, it is not listed in Uninstall in Tools of my CCleaner Pro. I downloaded it yesterday. It is listed in the Start Menu and I am able to open it.

I shutdown the PC and started the PC again and it still was the same as above.

Please advise?

I whitelisted - Windows Repair in my AVs and Firewall as Jim from Support recommended I do and I still get the same "Houston we have a problem" even after I downloaded v4.3.0. I use Windows 10 Home OS on my PC. I have gotten No Response from Support [Jim] for Houston we have a problem since I emailed him [[email protected]] on 10/12/2018 and again on 10/19/2018. Please advise me and notify him as I hope that he is OK I am a - Windows Repair Pro paying customer. Thanks!

In Re: Re Windows Repair-AIO Program unregisters itself Safe Mode « Reply #3 on: February 02, 2018, 02:36:33 PM » it states "In Safe Mode with Networking while on the desktop press CTRL+ALT+DELETE then click on the WiFi icon then on your SSID and Connect. Left click away to close that pane then click on Cancel where you should see a full WiFi icon and wireless connectivity." Has anyone verified the above? I cannot use an ethernet connection on my PC. On my PC, I use Windows 10 Home OS and - Windows Repair 2018 v4.3.0.

Does there exist any documentation for the - Windows Repair Pro program such as a User's Guide / User's Manual including command line switches for Windows 10 Task Scheduler for running the - Windows Repair Pro program in Safe Mode, if any besides Silent, and, if so, where is it located?

If not, is there any info on command line switches for Windows 10 Task Scheduler for running the - Windows Repair Pro program  in Safe Mode and, if so, where is it located?

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