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Two or three years ago I ran Tweaking,com on an XP computer and got good results.  It ran a few hours, four or five maybe.  Now I'm trying to fix  problems on a Windows 10 computer.  As I write this, has been running 48 hours.  I'm concerned something is wrong.

It's running in Safe Mode.  I did a power down as instructed.  Then booted

It ran through the first few repairs in minutes or less, but seems stuck on repair 8/42.  As I'm sure you know, there's a warning screen instruction to be patient and that stopping it can cause problems.  I take that to mean screw up the computer.  I assume that means the registry could be corrupted.  It also says, 'Registering 132 files.'

The Tweaking screen shows CPU Usage changing once a second.  It reports CPU usage varying between about 0.1% and 1.5%  Mostly around 0.3%.  I haven't seen any Drive Read: bytes reported.  But Drive Write Bytes reports brief writes as large as about 14 bytes every minute or two.   Memory Used had been running at a constant 1.08 gig until (maybe) just a few minutes ago when it ticked up to 1.11 gig.

How much trouble am I in?  Is it stuck?  Will it ever finish?  Is there anything I can do?
I'm prepared to be patient, but this is so far beyond what I expected.  I'm occasionally subjected to brief power outages.  I have a surge protector/backup battery, but it didn't seem to keep the computer running during the last couple outages.  So that's got me worried too.

My computer:
Windows 10 OS (1909) 10.0.18363.1016
HP Compaq Elite 82 SFF  (purchased factory reconditioned in 2018)
Intel Core i7-2600
64 bit
4 gig ram
C: solid state Samsung.  I forget the size. 
F: conventional mechanical hard drive 2 TB Hitachi
  My programs/applications are on C:
  My data files are on F:

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