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That should be "Avast and it's sister company AVG."

The SafetyDectectives article said Avast was their #1 best rated anti-virus....except for one thing.

Until they were caught, they engaged in a 7 year history of recording keystrokes to sell browsing habits and personal data to Google, Pepsi, Home Depot, et al.

SafetyDetectives rates Avira and their sister company AVG untrustworthy.

Thanks for your excellent advice.

I ran the esat scan.  It found 5 dozen items.  (I feel like I just got caught dating nasty girls without a condom.)  Esat really hates utorrent and Advanced System Care setup files.  Most of the items were in their update files.  But it must have found something real, because the amount of my memory usage has dropped.

I've depended on Avast Antivirus since the first day I booted this computer, but It </sarcasm on> seems to do a great job of  everything but catching viruses. 

However, the scan didn't solve my escalating memory problem.  The Task Manager didn't reveal any unexpected programs, but it did show my Avast Service was running continuously.  Uninstalling/Re-installing fixed the problem.  Which is great, because rebooting every 5 minutes really hampers getting work done.

Will do the  Repair install in a few days when I've completed my current project. 


will the repair install  delete my applications?


thanks for your detailed reply.  I wanted to assess how my desktop was doing for a few days.

I originally ran because of a number of problems I had on a number of applications.  My email (Opera Mail) couldn't remember I'd approved a's security certificate.  And I both Opera and OpenOffice Writer paused for seconds when scrolling or sometimes when entering keystroke commands. seemed to fix those problems, but not other problems in other applications.  Windows sometimes froze while playing a video.

Sadly, delays and hesitations are returning as is the freezing during videos. 

And  last night a new problem has popped up.  I run Advanced System Care.  It tells me my memory usage quickly creeps up to 95% and higher.  When it hits 100% it shows 100% disk usage and freezes. 

Does this sound like a problem could address?  Or should I skip to the repair install?

Several  months ago I created a both DVD and a USB to run the repair install.  I had Windows 10 version 1804 (or whatever the correct number was).  I wasn't able to get the repair install to run, (I'm pretty sure) because I didn't understand how to make the DVD or USB bootable.  Tinkering with the innards of Windows makes me nervous, but that's looking more and more necessary. 

If I go that way, do I need to download  an updated  repair install ISO again or can I use the one I have?



And for what it's worth, Windows gave me messages that it reset default apps to Microsoft  default programs.

Easily fixed, of course.  Just mention it in case it means something in your analysis.


Thanks for getting back to me.

I ran into the same problem again, though the remaining 42 jobs completed.

I found a Windows update that hadn't been  installed automatically.  I manually updated.  I now have
Windows 10 Home (2004) 10.0.19041.450

Hadn't run checkdsk /f or sfc /scannow prior. didn't see instructions that was necessary or recommended.  But ran them after your advice. no errors.

Then ran dism /clearup-image /startcomponentcleanup
        and dism /online /clean-image /restore
  and then sfc/scannow

 no errors reported.

ran chkdsk /f again.  no errors.

Did another full power down and reboot in safe mode.

booted  And I had the same problem at Job 8/42 MDAC/MS Jet.
It ran over night (12 hours) with the CPU usage running 0.1% to 0.3%.

This morning I terminated job 8/24 and completed the remaining 42 jobs and then rebooted.

What do you think?  Did  the remaining repair jobs work as designed?  Am I missing something important because the 132 didn't register?



Two or three years ago I ran Tweaking,com on an XP computer and got good results.  It ran a few hours, four or five maybe.  Now I'm trying to fix  problems on a Windows 10 computer.  As I write this, has been running 48 hours.  I'm concerned something is wrong.

It's running in Safe Mode.  I did a power down as instructed.  Then booted

It ran through the first few repairs in minutes or less, but seems stuck on repair 8/42.  As I'm sure you know, there's a warning screen instruction to be patient and that stopping it can cause problems.  I take that to mean screw up the computer.  I assume that means the registry could be corrupted.  It also says, 'Registering 132 files.'

The Tweaking screen shows CPU Usage changing once a second.  It reports CPU usage varying between about 0.1% and 1.5%  Mostly around 0.3%.  I haven't seen any Drive Read: bytes reported.  But Drive Write Bytes reports brief writes as large as about 14 bytes every minute or two.   Memory Used had been running at a constant 1.08 gig until (maybe) just a few minutes ago when it ticked up to 1.11 gig.

How much trouble am I in?  Is it stuck?  Will it ever finish?  Is there anything I can do?
I'm prepared to be patient, but this is so far beyond what I expected.  I'm occasionally subjected to brief power outages.  I have a surge protector/backup battery, but it didn't seem to keep the computer running during the last couple outages.  So that's got me worried too.

My computer:
Windows 10 OS (1909) 10.0.18363.1016
HP Compaq Elite 82 SFF  (purchased factory reconditioned in 2018)
Intel Core i7-2600
64 bit
4 gig ram
C: solid state Samsung.  I forget the size. 
F: conventional mechanical hard drive 2 TB Hitachi
  My programs/applications are on C:
  My data files are on F:

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