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The above setup file was downloaded from MajorGeeks.
I downloaded from "Direct Download" and ESET showed the file as CLEAN?

ESET has a false positiv on the "Advanced System Tweaker Setup"
C:\Users\Robert\Downloads\tweaking.com_advanced_system_tweaker_setup.exe » INDIGOROSE » %AppFolder%\add-ons\Windows XP Only\Disable  Functions\Personalized Menus - Favorites - Disable.tweak - probably a variant of VBS/Seeker.R trojan
C:\Users\Robert\Downloads\tweaking.com_advanced_system_tweaker_setup.exe » INDIGOROSE » %AppFolder%\add-ons\Windows XP Only\Enable Functions\Personalized Menus - Favorites - Enable.tweak - probably a variant of VBS/Seeker.R trojan

I have submitted it to ESET.

VirusTotal reports 4 out of 53:
ByteHero    Virus.Win32.Part.a    20160115
ClamAV    Win.Trojan.Generickd-4331    20160115
ESET-NOD32    probably a variant of VBS/Seeker.R    20160115
Ikarus    Trojan.VBS.Seeker    20160115

Feedback & Suggestions / Praise, BIG Praise & MORE PRAISE!
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:40:06 AM »

I have brand new ASUS Transformer TA100 which came with Windows 8 pre-installed.
I was unable to download or install any Windows updates.
I tried every way to fix it that I could find - no luck.
I re-installed three times - same problem every time!
Downloaded new original ISO from MS - same problem again.
Then I used "Windows Repair " which I let run over night.
Voila - Windows updates are working now.

On my Windows 7 Alienware M18R2, I usually have to use ACRONIS True Image every six months or so to get back to a good system.
This is due to the fact that I test a LOT of programs and they leave junk residue that can't be cleaned up.
I used "Windows Repair" and it found a lot of errors, repaired them and my system is running great again.

THANK YOU very much for such great software.  :smiley: :cheesy: :wink:

Sorry that I post this as a new topic but I was unable to reply to an old topic from 2014:
I am getting the following when trying to backup the registry:
"The last scheduled backup had errors or failed"
Log is attached.

General Computer Support / Can't start Windows Time Service
« on: March 09, 2013, 10:19:31 AM »

I can't start the Windows Time Service. I am getting: "Error2: The system cannot find the file specified".
No change after running the Windows Repair v1.9.12 and also tried most everything else found on Google.

Any help is appreciated.



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