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The Asus 11" laptop just screws holding the back on.  It does not have option of opening and removing  the battery like a other laptops.  It is a pain. 
First I have to be able to get into windows.  Without a working admin password I am stuck.  So if someone could help me with that I would appreciate it.

General Computer Support / Win 8.1 Resetting Administrator Account Password
« on: September 11, 2014, 06:28:37 pm »
Things started going wrong when I tried to sign in to Windows App Store. It ask for Microsoft Account password.  Kept saying incorrect password so I changed the password and it said it changed successfully but when I signed out and tried to sign back in with new password it says incorrect password again.  I reset password several times and got same results.   I finally created a new Microsoft Account and was able to sign in.  But then after signing out of Microsoft Acc. and restarting PC I now can't sign in to my computer. Says my Admin. Password is incorrect now. I am locked out of my Administrator Account on PC.

So what do I do? PC originally had Win8 and I undated when Win8.1 came out. 
Would a Refresh work to reset Admin Password or do I have to reinstall windows? 
Will the win8.1 update still be free? 
If I do a Refresh will I loose the win8.1 update and revert to win8?  Will I loose all my apps?   
Anything else that will work? A free Password recover software?

Question about Windows Tweaking Repair? Would it help with this problem? The Tweaking Windows Repair says to remove the battery to do a clean boot.   I wanted to ask if I could just run the battery all the way flat instead of removing it? This laptop has lots of tiny screws to remove the back and more to remove the battery.

Thanks if you can help!

General Computer Support / Re: Computer hung in System Restore
« on: July 08, 2013, 11:39:59 am »
Thanks Shane but changing the registry might be above my skills and comfort level.   The warning message scares me a bit.

Everything Else / Re: Virus protection
« on: July 08, 2013, 05:42:14 am »
I'm no expert and don't claim to be but aren't Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Anti Malware  programs different things, each having it's own use?
 It is my understanding that I should, and I do, have all three programs.  I have the Free versions of Malwarebytes for Malware, SuperAntiSpyware for Spyware, and Avast for Viruses.

General Computer Support / Re: Computer hung in System Restore
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:27:19 pm »
Yes it is.

General Computer Support / Re: Computer hung in System Restore
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:29:57 am »
Hi Rick.  I left it on all night and it stayed hung.  So as Shane suggested I rebooted.  Avast is working ok so will continue to use it for now.
Yes I have restore points.   My computer is just a couple months old Windows 8.  Only problem is with Windows Defender. 

General Computer Support / Re: Computer hung in System Restore
« on: July 02, 2013, 01:37:35 pm »
Shane as mentioned lots of people are having this problem there are discussions on the Microsoft site but no post from Microsoft addressing the problem on the topics.  Windows Defender in Windows 8 does not come back on after installing and then uninstalling anti virus software for me or for a lot of people.   The anti virus program used might make a difference here.  I don't know.  The one I used was Advanced SystemCare 6 Ultimate.
I have those two programs you mentioned and have used them on my last three computers.  I ran them and they found no issues.
 It is just frustrating.
I have installed Avast and will use it until someone comes up with a real fix.  Who knows by then I may not want to switch back. 
Thanks for your suggestions.

General Computer Support / Re: Computer hung in System Restore
« on: July 01, 2013, 06:29:37 pm »
Thanks I did reboot.  I had run after having problems turning on Windows Defender in Win8.  That is when it hung in system restore.

I since have learned using another anti virus on a windows 8 computer turns off Windows Defender so you won't be running two anti virus programs.  Which is good.  What is bad is you will not be able to turn Windows Defender back on even after uninstalling the other anti virus program

 It would of been nice to of known that before I tried a trial version of Advance SystemCare 6 Ultimate.
 It was my hope that could fix the problem with windows defender.  It did not.

After I ran I tried to turn Windows Defender on again and it caused a box to pop up that says system32. 
This was when I tried to repair the registry.  It did not fix the windows defender problem of not turning on either.
So I spent a lot of time searching for answers and found that a lot of people have the same problem with windows defender in win8 that I have and no one has found a fix.  Not even Microsoft it seems has addressed this problem.   From what I have read it does not mater what anti virus you install and later uninstall you will have this problem.

General Computer Support / Computer hung in System Restore
« on: June 30, 2013, 05:49:35 am »
Windows 8 computer hung in System Restore while trying to restore using  Left it on all night and screen still showing "Please wait while Windows files and settings are being restored System Restore is initializing".

Advise please.

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