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Microsoft fixed the false positive issue with virus update v1.263.1709.0, and there is nothing wrong with Windows Repair v4.0.15 now.

If you are still having problems installing, then you have other problems, not MSSE or Windows Repair, perhaps with something YOU are

doing wrong.

I just updated to the latest Microsoft Security Essentials virus update v1.263.1709.0  .... AND

HURRAY  ... YIPPEE  ..... ALL IS WELL and CLEAR  ...

v4.0.15 installed and working FINE  !!!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE for their help and support on this issue, which was DEFINATELY a MICROSOFT F*UCK UP  !!

See y'all later


Well, if I were a software developer like, and I had a program that I knew was clean, and Microsoft Security Essentials kept

flagging it for a virus, I would be all over Microsoft like flies on poop !

Is there another way us users could contact Microsoft on this issue other than the "submissions" page ??

Or could just create another updated version of Windows Repair to fix this ?

Like I have mentioned before, v4.0.14 is NOT affected by all this crap.


OK, jpm 

I tried v4.0.1.5 again with MSSE update v1.263.1584.0 AND newer v1.263.1587.0 and I am STILL getting flagged.

I'm done posting screen shots, you will just have to take my word for it.

SO ... let us see if we are on the same page  ... it does make a difference.

I use Windows 7 PRO with Microsoft Security Essentials ... NOT Windows Defender

What are YOU using to get an "all clear"  ??

Please reply



With latest MSSE virus update v1.263.1128.0, 6:40 P.M. CDT, 3-25-18.

Still being flagged. Somebody, probably Microsoft, is lying to everybody.

See attachment


Just updated to MSSE virus update v1.263.1075, 7:42 P.M. CDT.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

See Attachment


And I am still getting the Virus error today.

Let me clarify, I am talking about Microsoft Security Essentials .... NOT Windows Defender.

I just now, 2:53 P.M. CDT, 3-24-18, downloaded the latest Microsoft Security Essentials virus update v1.263.1070.0, and it is still flagging

v4.0.15 with the Trojan Win32/Critet.BS virus, so Microsoft has obviously NOT fixed anything !

Just letting you guys know what is still going on.


I have been following this thread ever since v4.0.15 was released and have posted to it several times. I run Windows 7 PRO with Microsoft

Security Essentials as my virus protector. I think we can all agree that this is a Microsoft Security Essentials error, however after about a

dozen MSSE virus updates, v4.0.15 is still being flagged with the virus. Here are my latest questions :

     1.  Has contacted Microsoft about this issue, and id so, is there a fix ?

     2   Why is it that only v4.0.15 is flagged and NOT v4.0.14 ? What is different ?



OK all you tweaking virus experts, I think I'm back in the right place now. I hit the wrong button last time and double posted. Sorry !

We can all carry on about all the virus protection programs giving out false positives, but I'd like Shane or jpm to ponder this :

Why does v4.0.15 get flagged for the Critet virus but v4.0.14 DOES NOT  ??  Something ain't right

And to Boggin, Major Geeks should have v4.0.14. It works just fine.


Whatever has caused this issue with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender flagging the Win32/Critet.BS Trojan in Windows

Repair v4.0.15, whether it be Microsoft or the Repair_Windows.exe in v4.0.15, here is a good question to ponder :

Why is v4.0.15 flagged as Infected and v4.0.14 is NOT ??  This question looks like something went wrong with v4.0.15.

Just my 2 cents worth.


The cause of all of this is Microsoft Security Essentials & Microsoft Defender virus update v1.263.672.0 which came out this morning 3-17-18.

Yesterday Windows Repair v4.0.15 was FINE but after Microsoft's v1.263.672.0 update it shows the Critet virus in the WinRepair.exe file.

This is a Microsoft ERROR in their virus defs. Strangly, Windows Repair v4.0.14 remains clean.

I had the same thing happen several months ago with Hoverdesk RegCleaner and Avast's Piriform CCleaner. Both were fine until

Microsoft's "Weekend Warriors" released a virus update. Sadly, it took Microsoft 2 months to fix it.

It would seem to me that Shane could do some scripting magic in a new version and fix this, but I don't know.

One thing I DO know is that if you whitelist an .EXE file after it has been flagged with a virus, false positive or not, your are taking a big

chance.  That's my 2 cents worth.


I have some information that may shine some light on this issue. I run Win7 PRO with Microsoft Security Essentials.

Shane posted v4.0.15 at 8:20 P.M. 3-14-18

I downloaded and installed v4.0.15 early A.M. of 3-15-18 with no virus detection problems at all. The v4.0.15 worked fine.

UNTIL  .....

Microsoft issues MSSE virus update v1.263.672.0 which I downloaded and installed this morning, A.M. 3-17-18 ...

AND THEN everything went to hell with v4.0.15, MSSE showing the Trojan Win32/Critet.BS virus.

I could not run or re-download v4.0.15 after the MSSE v1.263.672.0 update.

HOWEVER, there is NO problems with Windows Repair v4.0.14. I re-install it and am using it now until SHANE can FIX THIS !!!



Thanks for posting that link, jraju !

Julian & Boggin need to give you more Karma  !!!



Yea jraju,

Please post us a link to where you found the fix to my problem. There might be some more good fixes there !

Thanks again,


Well, we didn't need the big guy after all. It's the "little guys" that get the job done !  LOL !

jraju, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  !!!!  Your last reg fix DID THE TRICK  !!!  AWSOME  !!

I feel like coming to India and personally shaking your hand !! This was the only fix out of hundreds that I tried that actually worked !

Everything works perfect within my context menu now. I am thrilled to death !

And Julian, I went ahead and attached my FileExt reg export anyway for your curiosity, but the export was done AFTER applying jraju's

reg fix, so it may not have anything in it you were curious about.

I thank you guys so very much, I'm now a happy camper !

SO  ...  Until the next melt down,


Here's what you need to get rid of your monster file. It's called remove on Reboot. Just install it and it will show up in your context menu. Right click your file, click "remove on reboot" THEN REBOOT . Your file should be gone when you come back up

OK Julian, I will get you the reg key you want to see  ...

And I will try the reg fix jraju suggests

Give me some time, gotta go to work for a while

Thanks guys,


OK people,

I have NO viruses, NO Trojans, No malware, NO spyware, NO adware, NO Hi-jackers  ... NO BUGS AT ALL  !!!

And Boggin, I've looked through the Event Viewer till I'm cross-eyed and can't see anything applying to the error

And I re-ran all new v3.9.1 repairs and still no fix.

It's time to escalate this to the top level head man. Can you get him to take a look  ??



OK folks,

I thank you for the "Fix-It" links, but I have tried every file extension registry fix listed on both these web pages, and nothing works.

Please understand, all my file types ARE associated with respective programs, and they ALL open as such.

It is when I Right Click the file, click the "Open With" then click the "Choose Default Program" that I get this error.

I know it is a registry problem but I can't find a fix. My PC is OK, all good with CHKDSK and SFC /SCANNOW, no viruses or malware.

I have run every repair and nothing fixes this. Someone knows  ... "the truth is out there"  ..

I would appreciate hearing from Shane on this if he ever has some time.



Thanks, Boggin for the help link  ...   However  ...

I tried all those fix-it  reg merges before I hollered for help.

Look again at my screen shots  ...  this error is not coming from explorer.exe but from the file itself generated when I do this  :

1.   Right Click on the file ( jpg, png, pdf) whatever  ...

2.   Click on "Open With"

3.   Click on "Choose Default Program"   HERE I get the ERROR popup

AND  ...  if there are no other programs that have been used to open the file, the ERROR Popup is generated just clicking on the "Open With"

This is the first time I have encountered this error in 20 years of computing. I could really use some expert help on this one.

Thanks again,


Hello Shane,

It's been quite a while since I posted an error problem, since I rarely have any I can't fix, but this one stumps me.

Using Windows 7 PRO SP1, fully updated. My PC is about as perfect a Windows machine as you can get except for this problem.

I have attached 2 screen shots and will try to explain. First, the Tweaking "Repair File Associations" Fix does nothing for this error.

Also, ALL my files ARE associated with a respective program.  OK, here we go  ......

Let us say that I have a file that I want to change the default association by using the context menu option  ... Right Click on file, Click on

"Open With", Click on "Choose Default Program" ... it is here that I get the pop-up error saying that I don't have a program associated with

the file or that I need to create an association with it. Rest assured, ALL the files that I use have a program associated with them.

I prefer using the context menu option to change the default program rather that going through the Windows Default Programs control panel

nonsense. PLEASE look at my attached screenshots and let me know if you have any suggestions or fixes up your expert guru sleeves.

Sincere Thanks,

Bill Melton

Was just wondering when this parser points fix/update will be released. Been waiting patiently.

General Computer Support / Re: (SOLVED)Task scheduler broken
« on: August 13, 2015, 03:47:19 pm »
Good Job !!

General Computer Support / Re: Task scheduler broken
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Did it say it fixed (example) 13 errors, or did it say "0 errors fixed with this application"

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Google the app "Fix My Task Scheduler". It is a free download from Josh Cell Softwares and it might fix your problem. If not, I really hope to see any tricks Shane might have on this one.

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