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Yeah I did do a bit of googling myself, but after drawing several blanks I decided to give this old forum a try and luckily you (and google) came up trumps - thanks again.  :smiley:

I checked the services and since starting all 3 manually the DAS has now changed to Automatic (Trigger start) and stays running whenever a device is connected - the others are on manual and not running, but I checked on and this is the correct status for all 3 so the same configuration as W10 for those.

I also disconnected and reconnected the phones and they show up just fine now in both devman and file explorer so we can safely say this one is Solved - bye then, till we meet again.....  :wink:

Bingo Boggin!!!  :smiley: :artist:

Started those 3 services back in normal mode and when one of them went on both phones connected! Excellent, cheers mate, not sure which one it was but both are now showing in file explorer and in devman they're now in Portable devices with the proper icons and No triangles - brilliant!

Not sure why the necessary services don't start when the phones are connected, and don't know if I need them running all the time (they're on Manual not Auto), but I now know how to get them connected properly and where to look if I ever have this issue again.

Thanks again mate, you're a star!  :artist:

Well that link does sound very similar to my issue.

I've tried starting those services mentioned but in safe mode the only one I can start is the Device Install Service - the other 2 give me a red cross saying they can't be started, which I'm guessing is a safe mode issue. They're all set to Manual by the way.

I'll go back into Normal mode and try those again... :artist:

Yeah it's 8.1  :cheesy:

Well I'm now in safe mode with networking, connected both phones and no change! Looks the same in devman with the triangles (and also a triangle in Monitors now on Generic PnP Monitor which wasn't there in Normal Mode)

I did try Troubleshooting them again from Devices & Printers and the message was different - both said driver error rather than data is invalid and then tried to reinstall the driver for the phone but both had the same end result - failed or Not fixed!  :angry:

Anything else we can try....?  :thinking:

Did you mean desktop or laptop??  :undecided: my laptop is set as Private Network (Home) as it's the home Wifi; my desktop is currently not connected to anything as it doesn't have Wifi and the only way I can connect it, when needed, is to either plug an ethernet cable in or more often tether it to my phone and use the data from that. Does the type of network connection affect the USBs and phones connecting??

Anyway I'll boot my laptop into safe mode with networking and see what happens there and let you know....  :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion jpm - not that weird really as I have had cabling issues in the past, but not this time - both cables are connecting both phones (they're interchangeable) to my W7 desktop so that rules them out as the cause here. Also the yellow warning triangles are showing in devman for both devices, and both are telling me to Troubleshoot in Devices & Printers, so it's clearly a software/driver issue which seems remarkably stubborn right now.. :sad:

Ok Boggin - not sure if the phones were in or not when I checked msinfo, so I reattached and rechecked, also plugged my mouse into the dead port at the same time, closed and reopened msinfo32, and at no point did anything appear in Problem Devices - curious...

Anyway, so onto Event Viewer - checking on the Overview & Summary (Local) page - the only 2 Error events in the 'last hour' are a 1000 Application Error (Application) and a 7011 Service Control Manager (System). There's also 1 Warning in the last hour for a 1014 DNS Client Events (System) which I guess is when I opened the laptop or reconnected to the Wifi but it seems unrelated.. There's also 58 Information events in there as well, but nothing that looks obvious, and I gather we're looking for errors here, not just info?

Clicked on All Instances of the 1000 and it's an explorer.exe errror, with older ones being SDUpdate.exe, OneDriveStandaloneUpdater.exe, GWIdlMon.exe - all program related by the look of it. The 7011 error says 'A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the BFE service.', with others also being timeout errors relating to FDResPub service, Dnscache service, NlaSvc service, and so on (mostly DNS) - are any of these linked to my problem? Nothing obvious is standing out to me right now  :blank:

No problem - I often do as well!  :cheesy:

Yes there is a System Devices branch in devman (8.1 is quite similar to 10 but I don't really bother with the apps and use Classic Shell to make it more like 7!), but everything is fine - as I mentioned earlier the only yellow triangles in the whole of the tree were under Other Devices (and the one in USBs when I plug into the dead port)

msinfo 32 is empty under Components/Problem Devices so nothing to report there. Which bit of Event Viewer do I look in, and what am I looking for?? (attached) - there are several areas to search in and I don't know which key words to search for as the Event log is Huge!!

Think you might be confused here Boggin (or I am!  :tongue: ), but how do you conclude "The fact that you are getting the same problem on the laptop now would suggest that the fault is with the phone"? Both phones connect fine to my W7 desktop so surely the issue must lie with the laptop?!  At least that's my deduction...

Anyway the phones do both show in Devices & Printers - the older LT26i (Xperia S) shows under Devices and the newer C6903 Xperia Z under Unspecified. On right clicking both show a yellow Troubleshooting triangle but on diagnosing both said they couldn't identify the problem!   :rolleyes:

The 'latest driver' message was when I tried to update the yellow icon in the USB tree, but that disappeared when I uninstalled the C6903 driver and when it reinstalled that triangle had gone. What I have since discovered is that one of the 3 USB ports on my laptop is dead - neither phone or my mouse work when plugged into it, however on the other 2 the mouse is fine and the old phone charges but the new one doesn't, and neither show in file explorer (though they both do in Devices & Printers). That yellow triangle in USBs only shows up when I plug anything into this 'dead' port. I followed your instructions anyway and it errored with the now familiar 'The data is invalid' message (attached)

So I'm not sure where that leaves us as neither phone will connect fully to allow file transfer and none of the troubleshooters seem able to resolve the driver issues or even identify the problem...  :blank:

Ok, so I checked the whole of the devman tree and the only other yellow triangle was in USB controllers (see attached) - I tried updating this online but it said the best software was already installed.  :rolleyes: [further amendment - since removing the C6903 from devman this triangle has vanished and now there are none except in Other Devices!]

The hardware IDs for the Unknown devices just gave a load of numbers and letters which meant nothing to me - when I tried to update them online however they all errored with the same 'The data is invalid' message  with following descriptions "Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy", "WAN Miniport (SSTP)", and "Microsoft Streaming Tee/Sink-to-Sink Converter" for the bottom 2. The RNDIS also errored with this message and description "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device". Not sure if I need any or all of these but they all say they're not configured correctly and the 2 grey ones aren't connected either so I'll leave all those for now..

I downloaded the drivers from Sony for both phones, unpacked them and tried to update them manually from the correct folders but both said they 'could not find driver software for your device'!  :teeth: I tried online again but both gave the same "data is invalid" message - attached. The newer phone also gave the following error popup message on my laptop (attached) saying Windows didn't recognise the device - spiffing!  :angry:

I also tried uninstalling the C6903 from devman, thinking it would reinstall when I reconnected it, but it didn't and now I have nothing showing for the new one and still the same damn error message!   :omg: [- amendment - the C6903 device has since reappeared in devman but still with the yellow triangle and same error]

The old phone is charging through the USB connector but doesn't show up in file explorer, the new one does neither, but does make the same noise when I connect it, then gives me the error above. Getting nowhere fast here, anything else I can do?  :blank:

Hi again Boggin, long time no see!

Hibernate is already turned off on my desktop - it's on on my laptop but space isn't an issue on this...

I've attached a snip of the device manager Other Devices - the top one is my new phone which is connected to the USB but won't show in Explorer and won't charge, though it does make a noise when I plug the cable in so something is happening.
The one below is my old phone which also won't connect, although both used to do
The RNDIS and the Unknown ones I have no idea about and don't think they're anything to do with the phone issue, unless you want me to dig more on those..

There's nothing more I can actually expand as such in devman, but I can expand other items in the tree or look at the ones mentioned in more detail if required, just let me know.

Hi all,
I seem to have a bit of a problem connecting my phones (wired via USB) to my W8.1 laptop to back up my old one and transfer my data etc to my new one. It's not the cable or the phones, as they both connect to my W7 desktop just fine, but this has limited hard drive space and my laptop has loads.

I'm not sure how long this has been an issue as I haven't backed it up to this machine before, but it didn't use to be if I ever connected it to charge it, though I haven't tried it for a while..  :undecided:

I've had a little google and play around but no joy with anything so far - the device manager is showing some yellow triangles under 'Other Devices' but uninstalilng and reinstalling and also trying to update driver software both fail with errors so I'm at a bit of a loss on those!  :confused:

Also I've installed Sony PC Companion to help backup all my old phone data (rather than do it manually in file explorer) and this tells me it needs an update to be able to run, then fails to update when pressed with an unspecified 'Installation error' which then closes the program!  :omg: Not having much joy in any department right now - any of you learned folks have any ideas?...

booting to safe mode in Win8 is a complete pain in the A**

OK forgot that option thanks  - networking doesn't work with win 8 or 10 as the wifi is not possible only a LAN wired connection - another piece of Microsoft idiocy so DISM online fails anyway!

I have W 8.1 on my Toshiba laptop and the easy way to boot into safe mode (without using Tweaking Repair) is to use msconfig and then Restart. Also networking DOES work with wifi, or at least it does on mine, although the taskbar icon is different in safe mode and it looks unavailable, but I do have Classic Shell installed so I'm not sure if this makes a difference... :thinking:

Hmm, very interesting  :thinking:

I have noticed that the updates have changed over the last couple of months, and have only just managed to get my W8.1 laptop updated after a lot of hassle and even more time  :sad: I also got the 8024402c update error for long enough, and finally resolved it using a link I may well have found on here, something to do with resetting the netsh proxy in the command panel, among other things....

Anyway, on a related note, I've just noticed that the dreaded "GWXConfig Manager" and "GWX Update Detector" were running in my task manager, so quickly killed them and ran the trusty GWX Control Panel which dutifully, and correctly, told me that the Windows 10 app was installed on my machine!!  :omg: the upgrade option and settings weren't enabled, but nevertheless the GWX app has somehow been installed through one of these new "bundled" updates, not good in my opinion.

Just for the record I have automatic updates turned off (on both my machines), WU service set to Manual, and I manually check and update every month, after reading the KB info & choosing which I actually want installing. Security updates I tick by default, others I check, but even so this has been sneakily bundled in with either a security or cumulative roll up update - Be Warned..... :rolleyes: :teeth:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 27, 2016, 06:34:25 am »
Know what you're saying about the W10 stuff Boggin, the retrospective googling and manual removal of several sneaky 'important' updates followed by installation and use of the GWX Control Panel sorted that problem out for me and it's been free since  :artist: haven't been into the registry to check but I'm assuming it's free of GWX entries as nothing ever pops up or tries to install that I haven't asked for...

My system also appears to be fully up to date now as well - installed the remainder of the .NET updates, apart from a couple of old ones that refused to install with 80073712, so I've hidden those (think they've been superceded anyway) and yesterday I finally saw the big green WU tick saying that no updates were available (apart from the optional ones) so that seems like a job well done to me!  :omg: :smiley: As an added bonus it's quicker to login, boot-up and runs cooler and quicker as well, so positive all round.

No idea what happened to the OP but I hope he/she is following and implementing this, as the links posted, between them, have managed to salvage my machine from un-updateable, slow and overheating to fully up to date and responsive and 'cool' again, so thanks to all posters on here, most helpful, I can only hope it lasts longer than the next round of updates!  :thinking:  :wink:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 26, 2016, 10:20:21 am »
Thanks, I selected everything except the .NET updates, 24 in total, and it installed 22 and failed on 2, then on reboot the configuring stuck at 51% for ages then suddenly went to logon, suspiciously, so I checked the updates and they were nearly all "pending", so I checked the Winsxs folder and found an old 'friend' of mine in there - the pending.xml file!!  argh :teeth: renamed that rebooted again a couple of times and those 22 all seem to have been successful now  :smiley:

The update check now takes about 15 minutes on my machine and doesn't initiate the overheating it used to, plus svchost isn't spiking nearly as much - it's trustedinstaller now but less so, so everything seems to be as it should be I think, for now at least...  :sarcastic:

I'll go back and do the .NET updates now if they're required, along with the couple that failed and try those again (3123479 from Jan & 3035126 from March 2015, both of which I've previously tried unsuccessfully to install and ended up hiding!), see you soon....  :wink:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 26, 2016, 07:11:28 am »
Cheers Willy, that's good to know  :smiley:

Looking at them the majority are security updates so should be safe, plus MSERT and Windows Defender update, and then a bunch of security updates to .NET 3.5.1 which I don't have as I've upgraded to 4.6, so I'm not sure if I should install these or not?

There's only one actual Windows update that isn't a security patch so I'll check that one out....  :wink:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 26, 2016, 06:29:51 am »
Well I bit the bullet and decided to have another go at installing the roll-up update 3161608, it installed and configured fine, rebooted, reran WU and lo and behold after about 20 minutes it's run without erroring and told me I have 36 important  :sarcastic: and 19 optional updates!! Whoop-de-bloody-whoooooo!!  :cheesy: first time I've seen that in about 3 months, now to put google to good use and trawl through all the so-called 'important' updates and see which ones I actually need and can safely install, hello GWX....  :artist: :wink:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 26, 2016, 04:54:57 am »
Ok, well I'm getting somewhere but I'm not sure where!  :confused:

I've installed the updates from the .de page (1 + 4) and they all installed and configured with no problems. Then rebooted and ran WU and this time ran for about 20 minutes then errored with 80070057 ( I think!). Ran .diagcab troubleshooter which did some stuff, reran WU and this time errored with 80080005 after about 20 mins. Reran diagcab, rebooted and reran WU - errored again after 20 mins with 80080005, so I guess it's progress of some sort from the never ending "checking" screen, but not exactly where I want to be.

What would you suggest now - is it worth trying to install the 3161608 or run the AIO repair in safe mode?  :undecided:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 25, 2016, 12:40:46 pm »
Ah ok, so you've gone down another route then, might have to give that a try  :undecided:

I've had a couple of goes at installing 3161608 but it gets to "checking your computer for updates" and sits there doing it's usual maxing the CPU, slowing everything down, getting hot, and after a full evening last night never got any further before I switched it off for the night!!  :rolleyes:

Not impressed, anyway I've changed my setting to Never.. (from ..let me choose, though I also had the WU service set to manual and off) so I might as well give the updates from that link a shot, maybe they will finally do the trick.....  :wink:

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 23, 2016, 04:55:23 am »
Cheers Boggin - interesting thread, presuming I have the right one! (Windows Update Failure in W7 Forum?) - are you Sudo15??  :thinking: Seems like sh*tloads of people have had/are having the same problem with W7 either not updating or taking an excessively long time, and it all seems to point to MS rather than the users or machines, surprise surprise  :shocked:

And thanks Tomas - that article looks very promising, though having to install 6 or 7 unrelated updates to resolve the update issue seems like a complex and long winded way, but I'll give it a shot this weekend. BTW, how the hell did anyone actually discover this??  :confused:  some people (thankfully!) must have far too much time on their hands! :cheesy:  svchost does go up on mine though when I try to run it, not sure about trustedinstaller, but I'll check again before I try the fix, and after depending on how it goes.

Will post back results when I've done it, maybe the original poster has some feedback of his own too.....

General Computer Support / Re: Windows Update Hangs Indefinitley
« on: June 23, 2016, 03:31:55 am »
Am very interested to see how this progresses for you q8v6ykMsR6 (?!) as I have almost exactly the same 'problem'. I turned Windows update off some time ago, around March I think, installed the GWX Control Panel and stopped all W10 nagging and intrusions, as I'm more than happy with W7 SP1 on my 6 year old machine, and so now regularly try to run WU manually - always with the same (non) result - it just runs indefinitely for as many hours as I patiently care to leave it, with it almost constantly maxing my CPU out and making other other work (or even just browsing) tricky and somewhat slow, in addition to the core temp going dangerously high .  :sad:

I've also tried SFC, SFCFix - clean; SURT - also runs forever and never seems to complete on the occasions I've tried it, but doesn't error as such before I eventually kill it through the task manager. AIO Repair also shows shows clean on pre-scan with no corruption or errors, and running the repairs in safe mode also has no visible effect on WU running once back in normal mode, so I'm pretty stumped as well, but console myself with the fact that my machine runs just fine with WU off and everything else seems to work as it should, I'm just aware that it may not be as up-to-date as it should be and I may be missing some 'important' or even 'critical' non-W10 update  :undecided:  :sarcastic:

The only thing I haven't tried so far is the roll-out update, but as it hasn't worked for Boggin I'm not too hopeful it will do anything for mine either, but may try it if nothing else comes up. Anyway, no intention of hijacking the thread, just adding my own similar experiences and hoping that someone has a resolution for this frustrating and seemingly not-that-uncommon problem......  :wink:

Nope, no worries on the malware front - several scans all came up clear, including Avast, MBAM, SAS, AdwCleaner, RogueKiller & TDSSKiller, so all good on that front.

I do need to create system images more often though, my last one is well out of date now so that's definitely on my to do list! Thanks again... :)

Yes, cheers mate, everything seems pretty much back to 'normal' now!  :wink:

After restarting Firefox to no avail, and then rebooting my machine, I finally got all the extensions to install again, so that's good. That link was useful too - I could have reset the Firefox profile in the .ini file and pointed it back to the original one had I known, but what I've done has given the same desired outcome and effect anyway, albeit via a slightly round the houses route.  :artist:

I've lived with that unusual SFC error since after my repair install last year, so it's no biggie, I may get it sorted at some point with the sysnative folks but it doesn't seem to cause any problems that I can gather.  :undecided:

I'm still not sure if the defragging was the cause of both the problems, but it definitely seems to have removed the restore points, so I may have to look into different methods of doing that, perhaps with Windows utility or some other more secure way.

I think we can say this one's solved now though, so I'll amend the subject to that, and thanks again for your help, appreciated  :smiley:

Ok Boggin, time for an update

Had another go at the system restore and this time it completed with no errors so no idea what the issue was there  :thinking: so I now have one!!  :cheesy:

Ran an SFC after deleting the pending.xml file and it ran ok but found errors it was unable to fix (as usual) so ran the SFCFix which found the following
CORRUPT: C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-i..e-trigramdictionary_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_12d6b2e3587e9b12\PINTLGT.IMD

SUMMARY: Some corruptions could not be fixed automatically. Seek advice from helper or
   CBS & SFC total detected corruption count:     1
   CBS & SFC total unimportant corruption count:  0
   CBS & SFC total fixed corruption count:        0
   SURT total detected corruption count:          68
   SURT total unimportant corruption count:       0
   SURT total fixed corruption count:             0
AutoAnalysis:: directive completed successfully.

This has been an issue for a while now and I guess needs the input of someone on the sysnative forums, but doesn't seem to be causing any problems with the OS or anything noticeable as yet...

Also managed to (partially) resolve the browser issue as well - after some googling and (Windows) exploring I discovered that a new profile folder had been created yesterday - don't know why! :confused: - but wouldn't let me delete it due to an "extensions" folder which I also couldn't take control of with permissions, so I copied all (except the extensions folder) of the old profile contents into the new one and now I have my bookmarks and history back - big yays for that!  :artist: only downside is my extensions have all gone and for some reason it won't let me re-install any of them  :sad: so I'll have to do more digging on that score...  :rolleyes:

So have I for that one, must have been a temporary hiccup...  :tongue:

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